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E&E Image Contest - Winners!

Thanks to all who entered into our latest contest! Lots of great stuff and certainly tough to narrow things down!

Now let's get down to business...

Runner-Up 1:
Keep it Simple from D.B.

Runner Up 2:

Wicked Simple from MRH

Both will be taking home:
And - 1st Place:
Desperate Times from DrazinSurvival

He will be receiving a prize pack including:
  • Micro SERE kit, now available from Vigilant Gear
  • Carbon Fiber Go-Tube and Disruptive Thinker Patch from Last Ditch Kit
  • Tactical Tailor Horizontal E&E Pouch from Alexander Wolf's personal stash
Thanks again! We'll have another contest running soon.


  1. The 1st place winner was the only one who followed the rules. E&E image not Image of E&E kit!!!

    1. IIRC Alex said you could include kits, so long as it was E&E related.

      Congrats to the winners!

    2. Kits were fine. Contest kept broad intentionally.

    3. Fair enough! The winner did captured the title of the contest E&E by using his kit as well for me.

  2. Well done folks, thank you for your submissions and efforts to get them.

  3. Thanks AW for your work on the blog and the contest - a great forum for the exchange of ideas - one may see something they never thought of before and in turn be able to add from their experience - the creative process which benefits all.
    Closing thoughts - think more like James Bond than Mad Max.
    Wicked Simple

    1. So I should add rockets to my bug-out vehicle? ;)

  4. DrazinSurvivalMarch 19, 2014

    Wow.. this is awesome.. thanks for choosing my image for 1st place.. It was a blast to think about what a great E&E image would be and to get it submitted. There were a lot of great submissions and I even got some ideas from some of the kits. Congrats to the runners up and again.. Thanks for the Contest Alex!

  5. Congratulations to DrazinSurvival on a first place win. Also a thumbs up for D.B and MRH.
    Nice job guys.


  6. Congrats to everybody who entered!
    Beats sitting on the sofa.
    Great work.

  7. Congrats to the winners! Great entries all around!

    1. hello, can I get your high-res picture entry that you submit in this contest? thanks! My email is: unicorn9x[at]yahoo.com.vn