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Dave Canterbury on why he's not on Dual Survival

Edit: Looks like this video is no longer up on YouTube. 

Dave Canterbury (with great humility) talks about some of the reasons why he's not on this season of Dual Survival. Glad he posted this, as I had not gone digging into the subject but knew he wouldn't be appearing. Much respect for the man.

I watched the first episode of the new season tonight, and while new guy Joe Teti is fine, he's not Dave Canterbury, who was largely the reason I watched the show to begin with. I thought Dave did a good job during his two seasons, and did the bulk of the work most episodes, hauling Cody's barefoot self around the far reaches of the world.

While Dave may have embellished some on his military resume, it was Discovery that was happy to run with whatever schools Dave may have attended in the military and brand him as a hardcore Sniper/Ranger. Would Discovery had chosen him had he not highlighted the "cooler" parts of his experience during his initial auditions? I doubt it, given that they're happy weave in every plug that they can for Joe Teti's super awesome Special Ops experience.

It's not like Discovery is not happy to"embellishes" the truth or fabricate outright lies when it serves their ends. Anyone watch Man vs. Wild? How about Amish Mafia--a show that is certainly 100% accurate? A little bit of the pot calling the kettle black, I think.

Anyways, I'm still a Dave Canterbury fan and have oodles of respect for the man. Yay Dave!