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Need a lower? Pre-order one from Brownells

Brownells has stripped lowers up for pre-order, planned for shipping later this month, and at reasonable prices. If you're still trying to find one, probably your best bet at this point.

Via Jerking the Trigger


  1. Looks like a great deal considering what others are selling stripped lowers for. Unfortunately, I don't have an FFL or I would be ordering one.

    1. Call your local gun shop. They have an FFL and should be glad to do the transfer to you for a nominal fee (usually $25). Then you provide the FFL's info to Brownells and they will ship it to the gun shop, who will then run the appropriate background check and transfer the lower to you.

  2. Cool thanks for the advice, I will give that a try. Oddly enough after I looked at that stripped lower up on Brownells and saw I couldn't order it myself (not knowing about the transfer option) I called one of the local gun shops and asked if they had any stripped lowers in stock. They did..... for $500. They have every right to do that I suppose but its a bit ridiculous. What a lot of these local dealers don't realize is there are a lot of us who will remember these kind of practices especially if the Large Cap Mag and/or Assault Weapons bans don't make it through Congress.

  3. Brownells also has a 10 pack of the 30 round mags for $109!

  4. Thanks for the link. I passed this post along to several friends.

  5. brownells also does a military discount me and a air force buddy both have lowers backordered a week ago from them its probaly the only shot at getting not overpriced .

    aslo check out sportmansguide.com 33rd ruger pistol mags and they are still alowing back orders of ak mags and m14 mags .