New J-Frame Grips: Hogue Tamers

The set of grips (sometimes called stocks) on a revolver can really dramatically change its characteristics--from really low profile for greater concealment to big, bulky rubber things to soak up recoil and increase shooting comfort.

Of course, having those choices leads you down the inevitable goldilocks path to find the grips that are just right.

The Smith and Wesson J-frame revolver has a multitude of aftermarket grips, but many suffer from one shortcoming or another. I've tried a several of the best aftermarket grips on the market and did a quick review on them a while back.

Way back then, I wrote about wanting to try out the Hogue Tamers, which are essentially the same grips that come on Ruger's LCR line of pistols. They looked like a pretty good happy middle ground. I put in an order with Hogue, which ended up getting cancelled due to backorder status. Then, the Tamers were out of stock everywhere.

Eventually I forgot about 'em, mildly satisfied with my old school wood and Tyler T-Grip combo. A range trip a few weeks back ended up with a thumb bleeding after getting scraped during recoil...this time around, the Tamers were in stock. I ordered some up, uncertain with how well they'd do.

Sale @ Choate Machine & Tool

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​I am a person with a c4/5 spinal cord injury. Here I am with my 12 gauge with adapted bite trigger and my Tenpoint crossbow with adapted crank trigger.  If I can kill pheasants and deer, zombies should be easy, lol. ​

From Alex: Huge props to GT for getting out there and doing what he loves. Awesome example.

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