Brite Strike APALS - A light in the dark

Testing out Brite Strike APALS as an ultra-compact, low cost emergency light source and beacon. Built in weatherproof adhesive strip allows you to stick 'em where you need 'em. Switch allows you to move through flashing and constant on, and shut the thing off to save it for another day. They're flat versus round, which lets the slip more easily into the tight spaces of small kits.

At $3-$5 a pop and with 80+ hours of useful life, these are a great option for contingency kits or for marking/signalling purposes. Available in a variety of colors, including IR.


Aaaand a trailer drops for Mad Max: Fury Road

Yeeehaw! Sign me up for this one.


Mad Max: Fury Road footage debuts at ComicCon - brains 'splode

Not available for public consumption, but footage of the new, long awaited Mad Max movie debuted at Comic-Con and has folks raving. Crazy, intense, channeling the aesthetics of the original trilogy...here's a snippet from one viewer's description:

At one point, muzzled Max, chained to the back of Hoult’s car, watches in awe as trucks and cars get swirled up into a flaming dust storm, exploding and sending bodies flying every which way. The shot is unflinching, the violence unforgiving; the scene seems to be on the edge of ending at every turn, but it just keeps going, getting more and more brutal and loud, until Hoult finally cuts the tension:

“What a lovely day,” he shouts. “What a lovely day!”

Write-ups with some spoilers are out there (see: MTV, iO9) if you're interested. Folks are going nuts about the footage, which is pretty frickin' great news.

They also released some promo posters, which I'm not in love with.

Only the mad survive!

BTW, Max looks to have added some new weapons to his arsenal (AK mags, pistol mags added to the outfit), but still has the old, iconic sawed off double.

The Walking Dead - Season 5 Trailer

Trailer for the new season of TWD dropped at Comic-Con. Looks like Team Rick is teaming up with the scam artist cannies from Terminus.

I'm going to guess that's a match that doesn't last...

Share your speculation about what we're seeing in the trailer in the comments.


Karambit work, how to not die on an elevator and more - Friday YouTube Dump - 7/25/14

Doug Marcaida demonstrating possibilities with the karambit - impact striking to dynamic deployment of the blade. We're big fans of the k-bit in various forms and Marcaida is one of the best edged weapons dudes in the world...good stuff.


Patches in the wild...

Via Edpoint. If you're not following Ed, you should be.

BTW, more swag restock is incoming. Stickers will be here in about a week, leather patches a couple weeks after that.