Go tube escape kit...

Some tools of the trade shared by Ed - some supplied by yours truly, in conjunction with blog friends OscarDelta and sponsor Vigilant Gear.

Good to know the loot is being put to good use!

via Edpoint

Christmas Gifts for Survivalists - 2014 Edition

The Christmas season is one our favorite times of the year. Time off work, good food, giving and receiving of gifts.

For whatever reason, it seems that we survival/prepper types can be difficult to shop for.

Back in 2009, we started up an annual "Christmas gifts for survivalists" series to help you guide friends and family in the right direction for their gift giving.

For 2014, we're continuing that tradition, breaking down a slew of stocking stuffers and affordable gift ideas that fit any budget. If you order quickly, most of these should make it to your door by Christmas without issue.

$10 and Under

ResQMe Keychain
These lightweight little tools combine a window punch and seat belt cutter in one compact little package. Hope you will never need it, but have it on hand just in case. Link


BugOut Maps

Via Black Scout Survival:

Cool product - gets you a really nice custom lightweight map for your bug out needs.

Never hurts to have a map on hand, even just as a backup.

Available on eBay.

Mad Max: Fury Road Full Theatrical Trailer

A sneak peak of this movie took Comic Con by storm, and the full length thing just gets better...pumped to spend some more time in the wastelands with Max!

Some friggin' insane practical car 'sloding effects in store...


Reminder: Survivalist Garage Sale, Shop

Wanted to put a quick plug in for the garage sale from a while back - still have some nice pouches up for grabs.

Also - patches and stickers still in stock in our store. Grab some for holiday stocking stuffers. We'll be closing up shop for the holidays a week from today (Tuesday, 10/16), so act quickly.


Good reads on AR-15 gas system lengths

Discussion came up in the $1k arsenal comments around the reliability of carbine-length gas systems on AR-15s. Wanted to share a couple good reads on the subject:

AR-15 Buyer's Guide at the New Rifleman (good overall guide, scroll down for the gas-system discussion)

"Even though the carbine has an “aggressive” gas system, it is still a reliable machine. It may experience parts breakage sooner in its life than the other configurations, but we’re talking many thousands of rounds before that *might* occur."

And another good 'un:
Carbine vs. Mid-length on 16" Barrels

My thoughts: A carbine-gassed 16" should still run plenty reliably, just harder on the parts and with a bit more recoil impulse. My personal AR-15 has been a carbine-gassed 16" gun for years and has run 100% with mostly Wolf/Tula crap ammo run through it. If you have the choice, I'd go with a mid-length on a 16" barrel, but I wouldn't loose much sleep over it if you can't.