Range trip and benefits of reloading

The components of reloading ammunition - powder, bullets, brass and primers.
Took son #1 along on a trip for his first time shooting a few days back. I asked, he was pumped to go. He's 5 and a half, so certainly young, and needed some help holding/steadying the rifle (AR with a .22lr conversion). But, with me steadying the rifle, he lined up the red dot and blew up a couple 2L of cheaper than water value brand sodas. It only took him two shots to get on target, too. Not bad!

He was happy and proud of himself. So was I. Good times.

I also brought along my first batch o' reloads for some informal plinking/target practice. Did not blow myself up, so that's always a good thing. No issues with the ammo at all - no signs of high pressure. Success.

I found the lighter handloads much more comfortable to shoot in my Airweight J-frame than factory ammo. With most factory ammo, my hand gets tired and sore after firing off a cylinder or two. I fired through a box worth of reloads without missing a beat.

Gaining the ability to better tailor loads to the firearm and to my intended purpose is one of my motivations for getting into reloading. Softer shooting loads for target practice and plinking. Greater accuracy for precision shooting when I get into rifle reloading. That sort of thing.


Beware: Domari Nolo Defense Consulting

Tribe -

Have not done this before, but also haven't had such a massive failure and apparent outright rip-off from a company, either. A cautionary tale follows.

The Full Story:

Back on November 1st of 2013, we placed an order for a jacket from Domari Nolo Defense Consulting for testing and use. Seemed like an interesting product available in the Pencott patterns and was being promoted by a couple different gun blogosphere outlets.

The order was placed as an anonymous, general consumer. We used an alias e-mail to place the order. We didn't approach the company as a blog looking for product samples to review, and expected no preferential treatment over any other customer. 

The product was purchased out of pocket and cost $99 and change.

At the time of purchase, Domari Nolo advised of a 3 week wait due to the handmade nature of the product. No big deal, right?

6 weeks passed - twice the wait time - and so we thought we'd reach out for an update.

Chris Bianchi, one of the guys at Domari Nolo and apparently the one responsible for sewing the jackets, responded on December 19th:

Your XL is scheduled for production this weekend.  It will take about two days to round out the lot size I do batches in, and will mail likely the 26th.  I'm busting my butt, and appreciate your support.  I hope you really enjoy your CLFP- one of the first 8 in our XL size.  Any feedback and other input you have is much appreciated!

You will get an email with a tracking number when we set up your shipping.

A month passed with no tracking number or jacket, so we sent another follow-up e-mail on Jan 21st.


Reloading & the Lee Hand Press

For those new to reloading, nearly all presses need to be mounted to a workbench or sturdy table to work. That's fine if you have a basement, garage or workshop, a bench and the space needed for one. But there are a lot of folks who don't have that kind of space.

And then there are many who want a 'mobile' option for reloading. Something they can take on the road, to the range or on a run for the hills. A hand press-based reloading kit can easily fit in an ammo can, shoe box or small bag, and give you all the tools needed to roll your own ammunition.

The portable Lee Hand Press fills that niche - giving the reloader the flexibility to reload ammo wherever they may roam.

And, perhaps a bit surprisingly, it works really pretty well.

YouTube Selections - Week of 4/14

A new weekly series - top picks from YouTube. If you've got suggestions, drop us a line.

Military Arms Channel - Remington R51 Review

Confirmed - a total disaster of a pistol. 

"It makes me nervous that the next round I'm going to fire is going to blow up in my hand."


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Farewell, Barry

Saddened to hear of the passing of Barry from IV8888. He was a great advocate to 2A rights, shared liberally of his knowledge and was part of very many memorable YouTube moments. The HossUSMC/Barry 'backpack' was one of my favorites.

He will be missed.

Donate to the memorial fund: http://gfwd.at/1hG8E1M
Find out more details on IV888's Facebook page.