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Grumblings and Goals

Well, glad that 2015 is done and over with. Some good, some not so good. Got stronger from lifting heavy things. Built Project AR-2015. Had some good friends move from across the country and live by us. New Mad Max was awesome; new Star Wars was pretty good, too.

Didn't make the progress that I wanted to make on a number of fronts, and took steps back in several areas. That always sucks, but we do what we can.

Given the current state of the country and world, should likely be pessimistic about 2016 shaping up a whole lot better, but I'll be damned if I'm going to start off a year expecting it to be a crap fest.

I haven't really written down any goals for the year; we've got family goals of moving to a new house and improving our general financial situation (thanks again, 2015). Wifey has signed herself up for replenishing/expanding our food storage.

Personal goals? Well, let me hash those out now.

First goal is to get new laptop. My current laptop has been in warranty repair limbo since November. Should be resolved by next week, hopefully with a check in the mail to me to purchase a replacement.

Strength training has been a big personal focus for me since I got my equipment in August. Today, I found the notebook I used to track my lifts for the first month, which was cool to see the progress that I've made over the course of the past several months.

I started up Wendler's 5/3/1 in December, and have been enjoying the program quite a bit. The focus on setting new PRs and progressing every session gives a great sense of accomplishment.

Currently planning on running 12 cycles of 5/3/1 over the course of the year, which would (on paper) give me +60 pounds to bench press and overhead press (upper body) and +120 pounds to squat and deadlift (lower body). There about those increases would put my lifts into respectable territory...nothing to brag about, but at least into intermediate territory.

Goal: Foreseeing some complications over a 12 month period, a goal of +50 pounds to upper body lifts, and +100 pounds to lower body lifts by the end of the year.

Loads of people have been clamoring for the book...and I am re-arranging some things to make it a priority this year and have the support of the family to dedicate the needed time to it. If you haven't read the novel I wrote up for the blog, you can check out You Took Away Tomorrow by clicking here...can't believe that it wrapped up back in '13. Yikes.

There are lots of good tales out there these days; I am aiming for something a bit different that I think will stand out from the crowd. Stay tuned.

Goal: Novel on Amazon by end of the year (or sooner).

Gear wise...nothing huge. Plan to upgrade my CCW rig and get some new plates. Otherwise, mostly plan to focus on updating and restocking some of the current gear/kits and expanding stores of consumables...food, fuel, ammo and so on.

Long shots would be some NFA fun -- SBR and suppressor, or a set of night vision. I may try to get some budget NODs together as a fun project...pieced together depending on deals for a tube and parts. Not holding my breath on those.

That should get me to a good start for the year.

How about you guys--what are your goals for the year?