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Project AR-(20)15 Complete...for now

Mk1 version of the rifle is complete. Click here for the 'before' view. Build is as follows:

  • 14.5" ELW Barrel w/ BCM Mod 1 Pinned and welded to bring it to 16"
  • KMR 13 rail
  • Arisaka Defense DIY Scout light - Malkoff bulb, Arisaka body, Surefire tailcap, attached to the Arisaka Keymod scout mount
  • Aimpoint H1 on the Larue LT-751 Absolute Co-Witness mount
  • Troy folding battle sights
  • BCM BCG & Stag charging handle 
  • Vanilla home-assembled CMMG lower
  • BCM Gunfighter handgrip
  • BCM QD Endplate
  • Magpul STR stock
  • Magpul BAD lever
Happy with everything at this point, and will throw out some more detailed reviews/thoughts around some of the components here in the new future.

Weight sits just under 7 pounds without a mag, over 7 pounds with a mag. Very handy, well balanced and comfortable AR. Pretty much exactly what I want.

The Troy's are much more what I am looking for in BUIS than the Magpul PROs were. The Arisaka light setup puts the light exactly where I want it, with a lightweight, low profile mounting solution.

The Microsight is slick and well proven, and purchased second hand for a pretty good deal. Went with the absolute witness mount as that's what I'm used to. I may get some kind of variable magnified scope to switch in and out in the future. Larue's really nice QD mount should facilitate that.

The Gunfighter grip is a huge improvement over the old Magpul grip that I was using, as it has an angle more appropriate for a modern shooting stance, and thus makes the AR a hell of a lot more comfortable shoulder. The old grips end up putting strain on my wrist, which gets annoying after a time.

Life, southern ice storms and waiting on optics and sights to arrive has delayed the initial break in. Should be sometime this next week, and I'm looking forward to throwing some lead with this thing.

As thread title suggests, I'm not entirely done. Need a better charging handle - planning on picking up a Raptor. Need a forward sling QD mount. Probably an upgraded trigger, too. And might swap out the stock.

The black rifle disease...it never ends...

More to come later.


  1. I like the rifle, looks clean, I don't like a lot of gadgets hanging off of mine. I was wondering how much the light setup cost, maybe links to what you purchased? I'm looking at replacing my TLR1s with something different on my SBR.

    1. If you look up the arisaka light body, you should find the details. Full light and mount is ballpark $200, less if you have a Surefire e series light to borrow from. Given that a Surefire Scout light is ballpark $300 with a fairly crappy mount and lower output, it's a pretty nice little setup. I will do a more thorough write up here in the near future.

  2. Great looking rifle, looking forward to a range report!

  3. Very Nice! Personal preference stuff aside this rifle needs a sling. As to CH I have a BCM medium sized gunfighter CH and like it. The manual of arms is the same but it is easier for modern off hand use.

    If you are going to put more money into this project an upgraded trigger would be the next logical place to go.

    1. It does need a sling - have several that could be slapped on if needed, but love none of them. Need to figure out which to try next.

  4. Been looking for that Larue QD mount. Did you order your Micro/ mount combo from them or from a dealer?

    1. Bought second hand and saved about $150 from the price of a new combo mount. If you just need the mount, I would buy direct from Larue. They are good to go in my experience and throw in $20 worth of free stuff with every order.

  5. Looks awesome! Just curious: you don't have a forward grip or rail covers. Can you comfortably hold your front rail without gloves?

    1. Yes, the KMR is very comfortable as is. Now, it might heat up with sustained fire - have heard mixed reports.

  6. Looks pretty slick. Can't wait to hear how it shoots. I'd opt for a new trigger next ... depending on how it performs for you during break-in. Can't go wrong with a Geissele SSA.

  7. I highly recommend the BCM QD mount. It is the lowest profile I have found with minimum snag ability.

  8. Day TripperMarch 02, 2015

    One word...Badass! Or maybe that is two words...anyhow, very sleek and minimal looking, but highly functional. Looking forward to reading more about how it shoots.

  9. Magpul came out with the K2 grip which has a better angle for comfort like the BCM Gunfighter grip. Good luck shooting any amount of sustained fire without rail covers, glovers, or vertical/ angled forend grip. That rail is going to get hot, not to mention just being in the summer sun!!!