> TEOTWAWKI Blog: In Memoriam: Rick's Beard, Season 1 to Season 5



In Memoriam: Rick's Beard, Season 1 to Season 5

You will be missed.

Also - Alexandria really needs Rick Grimes.


  1. I see that you shaved..... I'm sorry that the weight of manhood was too much to bear.

  2. Meanwhile, Daryl's beard (Carol) is still around.

    (Okay, thats really only funny if youre familiar with the other definition of beard)

  3. Alexandria is too weird in the New Reality. Every lawn (EVERY LAWN) is cut and trimmed - maybe they've taught zombies to do the work while wandering around ?

    Strange reaction from Rick - its got to be an act. I don't think he'd be so quick to drink the Kool-Aid given the past history with encounters of Federal / State controlled territories.

  4. PineslayerMarch 04, 2015

    That was a good looking beard.

    Risky move going behind the wall, but what group is more capable of weathering any storm. Rick's line of, 'We'll just take it', says it all. I was thinking the same thing.

    Imagine how hard it would be to assemble such a thing and not have some problems with those inside. I think the gal in charge knows that civil unrest is brewing and needed some muscle. Her son is going to be zombie bait soon.

    So, the girl who is sneaking out, is she taking supplies to those who were banished? Feeding them intel?

    1. I'm thinking it was the girl that took Rick's Glock out of that pitcher in the garbage pile. Also, where was that walker before when Rick hid the pistol initially? All of this is not in the comics so I'm left wondering like the rest of you.

  5. Ricks reaction isnt strange. He's obviously 'going undercover' to find out what the real story is about Alexandria. He'll act like he's swallowing the whole thing, hook, line, and sinker...and then once he's "inside" see what the real skinny is.

    Clearly, the issue here is that the folks behind the walls have gotten soft and need some hardcases to handle the dirty work. Especially if they, and the other survivor communities, are having trouble with local strongmen.

    Interesting to see that in Season Five Rick is becoming Shane from Season Two.

  6. Rick already has screwed up, Alexandria people had a listening device when they was checking up on ricks people. yes it was left behind in the car. but, they could have a couple more. think how easy it would be to found out what a new group was up too, just set up a listening post, and let them hang themselves.
    what I am wondering about is when rick did his night walk about, talk to the guy smoking on the porch, and when he was back sleeping...he wakes up staring up......like he just thought of something, or realize something. what did I miss?