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Zyon Systems Patrol Pack

Image via Zyon Systems

I have zero affiliation with these guys, but came across them the other day and wanted to pass this along.

Most ready-made kits are made with cheap Chinese-made dollar store stuff that will fall apart sitting in a closet, let alone being put to any real world use.

This ready-to-rock patrol pack, on the other hand, is built around solid quality, brand name stuff. It comes at an accordingly higher price, but you get really good stuff--a Camelbak HAWG, Leatherman Wave, Fenix Headlamp, QuickClot, Mechanix gloves, etc. Lots of personal favorites there. Impressive.

Maybe a bit light on shelter (comes with a nice Snugpak poncho, though) and you'd probably want to add some ancillaries like gorilla tape, canteen cup, water filter, but if you are in the market for an off-the-shelf bag, this is the best of I've seen.

One of these would be a great foundation for a cache, too.

Check out the Zyon Systems Patrol Pack >

Edited to add:

Got an e-mail from Zyon Systems regarding some of the discussion in the comments:

In regards to the pricing on our Patrol Pack, I ensured that we were beating Amazon's price, which is very hard to do as a reseller. If you tally up the complete cost of the contents of the bag right down to the travel tooth brush its roughly $100 cheaper than buying everything on Amazon. The multicam HAWG is expensive. I can build the kit with other colors to bring the cost down a bit.

The real value of this kit is that we will replace any of the consumable items if used in a real world emergency or operation. Batteries, food, toiletries, camo paint etc. That way your kit is always stocked and ready to roll!

Our Professional Pack will be online in the next few weeks. It's our version of a 72 hour bag, using only the highest quality products. We think its the best designed turnkey emergency kit on the market. I'm just wrapping up doing some evaluation scenarios with it to make sure all of the equipment is up to snuff.