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New Ammo Shortage for 2015?

The ATF's proposed M855 ban predictably resulted in a spike in demand and pricing for good ol' green tip, but it looks to have spread to .223 in general. We're nowhere near post-Sandy Hook shortages and pricing, but availability and price has been hurt.

M855/SS109 green tip is now in the 60 cent ballpark, which is close to double what it was going for six weeks ago. IMO, I wasn't buying green tip when it was a few cents per round more than FMJ, and double the price sure isn't worth it. You're getting into premium hunting / match / defensive territory, which green tip is not.

Should the ban become formal, I'd expect it to be in the $1/round ballpark pretty quick.

M193, which no one is proposing banning, has gone up 10% to 20% and availability is way down.

Most of the big ammo sellers are running behind - up to two weeks delay.

Looks like the spike hasn't spread outside of .223/5.56mm yet, but that doesn't mean it won't.

Thoughts? Predictions?

Edited to add: After a mass negative outcry from the public and Congress, ATF has pulled their proposed "framework". News link >

Looks like several places that were showing out of stock are now magically back in stock--learning from previous rounds of panic buying, I see. Would also expect to see some clearance priced M855 hit forums soon as "neckbeards" try to pay off the truckload of green tip they bought on their credit card!


  1. A new tactic for the Anti's. Create shortages with scares like this? They are right now planning the next assault, wonder which direction they will go?

    Or is this a smokescreen for something worse?

  2. Hmmm. Maybe if all the hoarders will go after green tip, I might be able to get some .22 when I want it.

  3. Just checked to closet, No shortage here!!!

  4. nihilist,

    Not to make you mad but I still have plenty of .22 also and I have not bought 1 round since Sandy Hook!!!

  5. The shortages are just a blip. No worries.

  6. riverriderMarch 09, 2015

    idk how long it will last but even lowly 7.62x39 is sold out at my usual supplier and higher by 20-25% where it can be found. 9mm and 45 both went up 2-3 bucks a box too. thankfully i stocked up during the flood, as with m4's and mags, but i wish now i hadn't passed on the 300 dollar m193 the week before. its now 600. did an inventory and i'm good for wna part deuce, less so for chinese invasion................has anybody noticed the chinese building nato caliber weapons? hmmmm.

  7. I agree that the Green-tip scare has sparked another mini-round of panic buying that has spread beyond the M855 ammo itself. It seems like all the $30-50 stripped lowers that were on the market at the beginning of the year have totally disappeared, along with a lot of other budget AR parts.

    I don't think there is any big conspiracy afoot. Banning M855 is a drop in the bucket in the general scheme of 5.56/.223 ammo availability, but the panic-buying response on the behalf of the gun community creates shortages that are the bigger nuisance.

  8. ATF appears to have back down for now, but I think we need to watch our backs at least until this guy is gone out of the WH.


  9. Another link to the pulling of the proposal by ATF.


  10. Yep - just saw it. Good job, gun culture!

    Also - only 80k comments received? We need to do better!

    1. Agreed we need to do better!!!

    2. riverriderMarch 11, 2015

      like the "gun ownership down" study, consider the source. i believe there were a great many more if you count the ones to congress as well. that is where i think the majority sent theirs. but like you said "for now". likely they will slip it in later. what are the odds that the first cop gets killed by one now?

  11. I have found riverrider, that bad people do not need a certain type of ammunition to kill a cop just the evil intent!!!! There is such a thing as Good and Evil in the world, this is something the libs do not understand.