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Camelbak Mil Tac HAWG

I love CamelBak's military line of packs and recently added the new, 2013 Mil Tac HAWG to the stable. If you're in the market for a hydration/daypack sized bag, it's an excellent option. Bomb-proof construction, excellent materials, great layout of pockets and organization, good integration of the hydration carrier--really solid pack all around.

At 1400 cubic inches, it has enough space to carry mission essentials, EDC gear or equipment for a light overnighter.

This HAWG is currently serving as a summer-weight bail out bag, and I'm really pretty thrilled with it. I've gone through a lot of packs and bags, and this is one of my favorites. Reportedly, the HAWG is well liked by SEALs and other high speed military types.

At around the $150 price point, it's right in that price range with other top quality packs, and includes the new, very nice CamelBak Antidote reservoir.

Only complaint - the available colors does not include any camo patterns other than ACU and ABU. They should at least offer a multicam.

Available on Amazon and at other retailers of Camelbak's Maximum Gear line.


  1. How would you rate this bag compared to a $30 ILBE 3-Day Assault bag?

    1. I haven't handled one of the ILBE 3-day bags, but the Camelbak is brand new, without the wear, and going to be a better bag...better materials, design, construction, etc. Camelbak's also have a Lifetime warranty to them that Camelbak is legendary for supporting.

      I'm also not seeing a $30 shipped ILBE bag - they are in the $40-$60 range with shipping, and that's for a used bag w/o a hydration bladder. The HAWG's hydration bladder will run you $40, so you're looking at $80-$100 for a ILBE 3-day bag with the same quality hydration bladder. So there's not that much savings for a used bag.

      That said, if you've got a ILBE Assault bag and dig it, or find a screaming deal on one, more power to you!

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2013

    what's the color of your bag you have in the pics? i can't quite tell if it's the foliage green (or whatever it's called) or just bad lighting for coyote...thanks!

    (ps: digging the site and the story you've been spitting out!)

  3. I have been looking for a new bug out bag, and it seems that this one may fill the bill quite nicely. Keep up the excellent reviews. And it would seem that you are another MHI fan, eh?