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T-Shirts...they are coming!

Initial run will be black Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirts. Why black? It's the official color of the apocalypse, people. That's why. Besides, this is the t-shirt I want, and I make the rules until ya'll are paying me enough to quit my day job.

No whining for a variety of colors and or designs at this point. If these sell well enough to be worth the hassle, a greater variety may be possible.

The Ultra Cotton is a great t-shirt...true to size, fits like it should, not some skin hugging abomination like half the t-shirts out there. Good weight too - not too heavy, not too thin.

At least this run will be done on a pre-order basis. Otherwise, I'm left to guess how many people want t-shirts and in what sizes, and then I'm out a bunch of money for unwanted shirts.

There will be a week where folks can order and pay for the t-shirt, and then I'll put in the order with the manufacturer. After that, it'll take a week or so to get the shirts made and shipped to T-Blog HQ, and then a week or so to get them packed up and thrown in the mail. So about a 2-3 week turnaround time.

They'll be printed in the U.S., so no need to wait 4 months for these to get shipped via slow boat from Uzbekistan.

Stay tuned for full details.


  1. Day TripperMarch 21, 2014

    Looks Awesome! I'm in.

  2. What about sizes? im a larger guy than most.

    1. Positive that I can get them in sizes up to XXXL, probably a size or two up from that.

      For those reading, smaller sizes will be available too!

  3. Very bad ass - can't wait.

  4. irishbrian90March 21, 2014


  5. My wallet waits anxiously!

  6. Is there any image on the back? Just curious, front looks really awesome though

  7. Sweet im in. Should get one with the blog name on it later.

  8. let me think. one for me, one for my brother, on for ...