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T-Shirts...they are coming!

Initial run will be black Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirts. Why black? It's the official color of the apocalypse, people. That's why. Besides, this is the t-shirt I want, and I make the rules until ya'll are paying me enough to quit my day job.

No whining for a variety of colors and or designs at this point. If these sell well enough to be worth the hassle, a greater variety may be possible.

The Ultra Cotton is a great t-shirt...true to size, fits like it should, not some skin hugging abomination like half the t-shirts out there. Good weight too - not too heavy, not too thin.

At least this run will be done on a pre-order basis. Otherwise, I'm left to guess how many people want t-shirts and in what sizes, and then I'm out a bunch of money for unwanted shirts.

There will be a week where folks can order and pay for the t-shirt, and then I'll put in the order with the manufacturer. After that, it'll take a week or so to get the shirts made and shipped to T-Blog HQ, and then a week or so to get them packed up and thrown in the mail. So about a 2-3 week turnaround time.

They'll be printed in the U.S., so no need to wait 4 months for these to get shipped via slow boat from Uzbekistan.

Stay tuned for full details.