> TEOTWAWKI Blog: #LoneTarget




Along the lines of our recent E&E contest, has anyone been watching Lone Target on Discovery? Clip shows him running through some gear to pack for his upcoming adventures. I should probably pick up one of those night desert parkas. Why the move away from reversible camo, anyways?

Back on topic, I think Lone Target has already been through its first season run on TV, but the Wolf clan unplugged from cable about 6 months back and I'm just getting into it.

Joel Lambert, ex-Navy SEAL and generally cool seeming dude, is thrown into some pretty bad case evasion situations. Him + camera man + producer trying to E&E from the 'host nations' resident tracking experts, all with minimal supplies--bug out bag, some clothing, water and some really nice Winkler knives and hawks.

Now, it's a TV show. But, it's a pretty entertaining one, and Joel seems like a pretty good and knowledgeable guy.

Also - fun to watch the behind the scenes episode, where they show the camera/producer guys falling apart, getting injured and having emotional breakdowns trying to keep up with Joel. All are in pretty decent looking shape, too. Shows you the level of physical excellence that something like this takes -- even when it's just for TV.

Anyone else watching?