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E&E Image Contest: Wicked Simple

E&E – get as gray as you can get - my thoughts and some wicked simple things from my bag.

Gun, blade, light, snickers vs beef jerky - all personal preference. I carry a 22 with a sparrow – silence is golden – an AR or 9mm one round and you better be ready to evade.

My bag is an old camelbak – toss the bladder - makes an ultra thin backpack easy to conceal under a hoodie or coat.

Bogota picks a thumbs up – bump keys if you are really serious.

Here is a picture of some goodies you may find interesting

USPS envelope - free tyvek - many uses - folds up thin - perfect bag when out collecting.

Put a couple magazines (the kind you read) in it and loop a cord before you seal it - hang around neck under your shirt = body armor - stops a blade - bonus add some steel like a 10” table saw blade (thanks goes out to my shop teacher) and you defeat 22, 32 and if very lucky 9mm.

Trouble? - address it and seal up your goodies - 4th amendment may help

Cut off a wrench / sharpen up - nice little pry bar - create space in a door stop – help get hinge pins loose? A fenced storage yard - forget the big lock and chain - look at the hinge side - wrench on the nut and open sesame.

Red LED and button battery - just right to save night vision - keep in palm of hand and add lite as needed.

Red Cap booby traps - very cool - put under things/in the door jam/trip wire with the spider line which is super strong and invisible. Nice to know when you have guests.

Magic cubes – use your imagination

Think wicked simple...