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E&E Image Contest: Hoss in Illinois

Many times people think that they will have all of these convenient special gadgets at their disposal…most likely not. You have to plan as if none of that is available and start from the basics, similar to Tactics from Special Forces SERE School…S.E.R.E., "Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape". Escape & Evade is self-defense. Fighting back may be necessary but your real focus and energy should be 100% on escape and not being detected. Learning skills now will pay-off when a real life happens. Over the years I've built a tested survival bag, got the weapons…but if you can't get to them…then what?

Basic rules I plan to follow if I'd have to Escape & Evade:

• Escape Quickly
• Remain Silent
• Assume You Are Being Hunted
• Get a Compass and Make Or Get A Map
• Avoid the "Hay Barn" (avoid most obvious hiding spots)
• Adapt your needs from whats available
• Leave No Trace - disguise your fire, don't leave scent, camouflage your tracks

Good Luck and God Speed to All,

Hoss in Illinois