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E&E Image Contest: E&E Trunk Loadout

Back, left to right ---
Extra clothes and food in water tight bag
knee pads for working on the car. Gravel roads are hard on the knees.
old blanket
Vehicle related emergency kit in the green tub
newly added road flares

Center front, top down ---
KelTec SU-16c & 2 pmags loaded
Get home bag (24 hour pack) wrapped in a trash bag
Ice scraper

I work 45 miles one way from home so this is my life line till I can get home.

- From S.M.

NOTE: Today is the LAST day to enter the contest. Read the rules right here and then shoot me over your entry if you want to get a chance to win.

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  1. Really nice looking set up. I like that your get home bag is wrapped in a trash bag. With the exception of your rifle (which I assume is just posed for the photo) nothing would really stand out to anyone who walked by while your trunk was open if you were loading groceries or something. My only suggestion would be to maybe add a way to secure your gun with a lock if you leave it in the trunk full time.