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E&E Image Contest: Six


  1. I think people lost the idea or concept of what this is about....a picture worth a thousand words, depicting an E & E situation. This has evolved into a "show and tell" of bug-out bags....can we get back to what this is about and disqualify some entries

    1. "Your image could be a picture of an E&E kit and a short description of the contents, E&E tools in use, a cache you've put away somewhere, someone escaping or evading, a mapped out escape route...whatever you can come up with."

  2. I would love details about this kit, especially the knife in the top left corner

    1. Left to right from the top:

      Ti Knife: Titanium blade and handle - passes metal detectors on low levels

      Carbon Fiber Impact Dagger w/ Synthetic Saphire Tip

      Proprietary Long Range Earpiece Receiver and Transmitter

      Minimal Wallet

      Life Capsule: xxxxxx

      Proprietary Tracker Dot

      Knife for Weakside: Left

      Necklace 100% Titanium Chain and Capsule for Emergency SERE Kit: All contents passes most metal detectors, including airports; plastic, kevlar, titanium, ceramic, xxxxx

      Standard Titanium Bogota Lockpick Set: fixed on ankles

      Titanium Capsule and Clip for IWB: Standard EE kit for primary use

      EE Bracelet: Hidden V Cutter, plastic cuff keys, kevlar, sling, xxxxxx

      Talon Blade S35VN: wrist carry

      Carbon Fiber Clip w/ RFID Shielding: doc protection

      Modified Karambite Knife

    2. Very cool - thanks for the run down!

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  4. Some of the items can just be purchased online, the others I custom made or modified.