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It's Go Time! Escape and Evade Image Contest

It's been a long while, but we're back with another epic TEOTWAWKI Blog contest.

This time around, we're keeping things pretty wide open -- a simple creative prompt to get you started in the right direction, and then letting you go wild.

The theme is, as you probably guessed:


The image that you send in needs to be somehow related to the theme of escaping and evading.

Your image could be a picture of an E&E kit and a short description of the contents, E&E tools in use, a cache you've put away somewhere, someone escaping or evading, a mapped out escape route...whatever you can come up with.

Include whatever description you feel is appropriate...heck, tack some poetry or short fiction on there if you want. If your images speaks for itself, no description is needed.

Be creative. Have fun. The best entries will win, and I will make that call :)

All appropriately E&E related gear!

First place will receive a prize package worth ~$100!
  • Micro SERE kit from Vigilant Gear - not even yet available for purchase, and more on this kit soon! Plus, stickers!
  • Carbon Fiber Go-Tube and Disruptive Thinker Patch from Last Ditch Kit
  • Tactical Tailor Horizontal E&E Pouch from Alexander Wolf's personal stash
And two runners-up will each receive:
Contest will run until  Friday, March 14th. Winners will be selected and announced the following week. If you don't claim your prize within a week, I will offer it to the next person in line.

Please, only one image per contestant - so choose your best!

You must be the creator and owner of the image and over 18 to enter.

Images entered into the contest will be shared across the T-Blog social media empire - Facebook, Pinterest. We reserve the right to reuse your image in the future for other blog related purposes. By entering into the contest, you agree to these terms.

I will re-size your image to fit the site's layout. If you would rather do it yourself, try to keep the final file under around 1000-ish pixels in width and 200-ish KB in file size.


Have fun!