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The Walking Dead - Episode 410: Inmates

After what I thought was an odd placement for the 'Carl Eats Pudding' episode, the Walking Dead returns from the break. We've got various buddy pairs, scattered and running after the fall of the prison, and plenty-o questions from the mid-season break are answered.

Spoilers and pictures after the break, so don't say you haven't been warned :)

Now the first episode back wasn't terrible...but it was mildly boring. Two things we learned:

Confirmed: the Governor is dead.

Confirmed: Carl can eat a LOT of pudding.

This episode was more of what I'd been looking for after the mid-season break. The group scattered, thrust into a survival situation, with zombies...err, walkers...shambling after.

Lots more questions answered, too. Judith is still alive (told ya!) and Carol is back.

The Carol/Tyrese/brat pack group learn about a potential refuge up the railroad tracks, but with a name like 'Terminus', I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Of course, we are also reminded once again that the group (and the writers) don't really know what their doing. Despite having survived a year or two after the zombie apocalypse, the group still, apparently doesn't get some basic things like:
  • Have bug out bags with you/nearby in case you need to make a hasty retreat
  • Establish rendezvous (RV) points for the group to gather and regroup, so you don't have to wander through the zombie infested forest looking for everybody
  • Carry spare magazines for your weapons
  • Communications equipment
The twist at the end, introducing the oddly attired bandits presents some interesting complications.

Their leader looks like an 90s throwback version of Metallica's lead singer, James Hetfield, doesn't it? Shorter hair version.

Nice H&K, though.

The other dude's mullet, the chick's tied up t-shirt...Maybe they're time travellers form a forgotten George Romero flick?

I've only skimmed the comics up until the attack on the prison, so I have no insight on who these people might be. They don't look like cannibals, but I guess they never do, right?

Anyways, good times. What did you think?