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E&E Image Contest: AXCESS BFE

This is AXCESS-BFEĆ¢„¢: the "Ageing X'er City Escape and Scouting System - Boreal Forest Edition", our 2-person Escape and Evasion solution.

One person can scout ahead on the bike for traffic/roadblocks/unfriendlies (while staying in contact with the truck via radio), or if needed then abandon the truck and both escape across nearly any terrain. No trailer to restrict the truck's mobility, and while the DRZ couldn't match speed with a car or street bike it can quickly get us where not even an ATV would be able to follow as quickly in thick woods. Mounting time is 2 minutes for the hitch carrier, and 5 minutes to load and secure the bike . Unloading time under 2 minutes, even in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam.

- Al C.