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E&E Image Contest: Godfather Js

1) The top left picture is a close up of my tarp shelter utilizing the SOL Bivy (small orange bag), a tarp, debris, and two garbage bags full of debris as a secondary sleeping mat. *Note the shelter tarp has been replaced by a green aluminized grabber tarp for greater heat reflectivity.

2) The top center picture is a view of my tarp shelter from roughly 100 yards. I used a Burlap cover for the front of the shelter. The shelter is the same as you see in picture 1 except with the camouflage front cover.

3) The top right picture is SOL Escape Bivy, OD grabber aluminized tarp and inflatable pillow.

4) The left picture in the center row is a kit weapons overview: AR Pistol with Red Dot sight, 17 Pmags (510 rounds of 62 grain 556), 380 pocket pistol (6 +1), 7 magazines with Hornady critical defense ammo, Ankle holster with two shot 410, Hip carry 1911 style pistol with two 10 round magazines loaded with Hornady critical duty ammo. The AR Pistol finds a home in the backpack, the 380 is pocket carry, the 410 is in small E&E bag and the 45 is in the messenger bag with all of the spare ammo.

5) The right center row picture displays the contents of my main E&E bag (way too much here to go over but if you have any questions comment and I will answer).

6) Bottom row left picture is the actual mini E&E kit, it rests on the exterior of the main bag and is affixed with velcro and straps for easy deployment.

7) Bottom row center picture is the messenger ammo bag with the main E&E bag behind it.

8) In the bottom row right picture are the contents of the mini E&E kit (I hope to do a blog post about it in the next few days), most elements of the kit are self explanatory; however you can find more information on the Red Fire Tin HERE and you can find more information on the Green 10 C’s Kit HERE.

9) NOTE- A few things are notably missing: Pathfinder bottle/stove/cup, charging kit and spare batteries, and a few other odds and ends (I have 2 pockets empty currently that are normally full but have been moved to my EDC bag).
If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will gladly answer them. I also plan to put up a better review of each component of the Kit HERE in the near future.


  1. "Not so sensitive European" here; I have a question about the sol bivy. I am planning on taking this together with the sea to summit reactor inlett for my bob for all but the coldest winter months (having a sleeping bag compressed all the time just doesn't seems like a good idea). What is your experience with the bivy in regards to condensation and do you think that it would be actually doable to get myself and the inlet inside the bivy without ripping it apart?

    nice entry btw.

    Greetings from Europe

    1. Here is a link to a review I did to all of the SOL Shelter products: http://priorproperplanningpppp.blogspot.com/2014/03/sol-shelter-systems-gear-review.html

  2. Add food!!! Add water!!!

  3. Sol escape bivy is great down to 20's for me without a fire. It is made from a quasi breathable material so it does not build condensation like their older bivys. The orange 2 person bivy does build alot of condensation and worked well also down to about 20 degrees with out a fire in conjunction with a very thin fleece blanket. If you are debating between the two get the escape bag its well worth the extra money. Also compression doesn't bother these bags as there is no insulation to damage and most of the warmth is retained from just your body. If you add a hot water bottle to the bottom of the bag and a couple hand/foot heaters near your arm pits you can extend the bags range down to around 0 degrees without a fire. To address your question about the ability to get yourself and anything else in the bivi, the short answer is its tight, very tight. I'm 6'1" and 250lbs and in their smallest bivi I ripped it at the shoulders as my shoulders just wouldnt fit. The escape is designed to be used by itself and I wouldnt add anything else to the inside. The two person bivi is great to cover another slweping bag or to bring other stuff into if needed. If you want an alternative look at the US MSS bivy its great as well and I keep the entire MSS in my bigger kit.

    Add food/water guy-2nd row right side picture shows enough food for atleast 2 days. As for water the bag has a 2L bladder and a small pouch of water is pictured, also note the pathfinder water bottle is 32 oz of water that is not pictured as stated in description.

    1. "Not so sensitive European" here; Thanx a lot for the quick review. I am only 6 ft. and 180 pounds so I'll give it a shot.