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E&E Image Contest: Desperate times...

I am using my Get home bag with all the gear needed to E&E, most items and ideas from your site, Sig p226 is my go to hand gun for everything. The 2 men in the image are my friends from work and wanted to help me get this photo.

- DrazinSurvival


  1. Best one to date! Awesome photo man!

  2. This one is really sweet! Great idea and great execution! Well done!

  3. I am coming around to ASAT to being the best camo. I live in the SE US and even here it is the best we have tested. The photo would be outstanding if the guy was wearing it.

  4. Tell you the truth; You are about to get caught/shot. They might take casualties, but its the lookers to lose. Your back pack is above the tree you are hiding behind and its just a matter of seconds before they see you. You should probably shoot the looker on the right with his face in the sights first. If you're really fast you might wound the looker on the left before he can set up his shot. If both lookers are wearing body armor, you are KIA.

    1. DrazinSurvivalMarch 19, 2014

      That was the idea about this photo.. True E&E is never perfect and if you think you will be able to find the perfect spot and evade forever, your wrong. If you look at the man on the left, he is giving the hand signal to hold, generally this is given if something is spotted. I chose this location for 2 reasons. 1: It was the best place with a fallen tree that had an open area behind it to position the 2 men in the background to give the most visual of them. and 2: I wanted to show that even with all the prep and knowledge and gear, if someone is not actively trying to help you escape, ie; your on your own, you will more than likely get found, it's only a matter of time. What you do with that time to tip the balance in your favor is to out-maneuver and have the upper hand. You need to be ready for anything, that includes getting found and captured!