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E&E Image Contest: Keep it Simple!

From D.B.-

Here is my escape and evade gear. KISS.

-Nonmetallic handcuff key in heel
-small razor blade in the heel
-550 paracord shoe-laces. I replaced one of the center strings with a Kevlar thread and replaced another center string with a thin twine (had to make it really thin talk about a pain in the ass). Each tip of the shoe lace has 1inch long 5/16 thick ferro rod.


  1. love it!

  2. This is pretty bad ass. I have an old pair of hiking boots that are gonna be getting a make over today.

  3. How did you put key and razor in heel ? just wondering thanks

  4. The razor I put flat in a zip lock bag. Cut out a 2x2 square sprayed some wd-40 and sealed it with a lighter. I then I taped it under the insoul under the arch of my foot. The key I cut out a little piece under the insoul right under the arch of my foot. If you actualy put it in the heel f the shoe you will feel it everytime you take a step