RECOIL magazine dude with a British accent runs through a BCM rifle that is pretty similar to what I put together in my recent Project AR-(20)15 build. Based on my experience, agree on all points...an excellent, reliable, soft-shooting, accuracy and handy system.


  1. That's not just some British dude, that is Ian, the first winner of Top Shot. He came to the US after Great Britain's gun laws became to much to handle. So, Ian being the rebel, dressed in his British Army uniform to turn in his guns to his former government and soon after came to the US where he is now a citizen. God save the queen...yeah right!!!

    1. Figured something along those lines - good bloke and good decision!

  2. Wow--5.7 pounds! That's almost half my AK's weight.

  3. riverriderMay 01, 2015

    never been a fan of free floaters, but damn, 5.5 ounces? i just might have to give that part a try. i prefer the car15 over m4 any day except that crappy little stock, but changing it adds weight. my theory is that i will carry it more often and thus have it when i need it. i'm not likely to be running n gunning against the regime so i don't need the heavy barrel. the 3 gun team brought their weps in to secure them for a long break and i was surprised by how freaking heavy they were. nope, give me my little car15 any day. i run a1 barrels on my long guns too. i do agree, the m16 bolt is better. i'm slowly changing my guns over to auto bolts. for years the atf guy told me they were illegal in a semi gun, so i switched to ar15 bolts. i could tell the dif right away in the recoil pulse. next year they'll be illegal again. sometimes i think the atf is in cahoots with the gun parts industry....

  4. AnonymousMay 02, 2015

    63 ounces: http://www.bentwoodgunsmithing.com/#!oip/c163i