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PT, Part 2

"Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general." - Mark Rippetoe

Lots of suggestions for a various other workouts and exercises, which wasn't surprising. Everyone has their own preferences and different things that work for them - from walking to playing tennis to kung fu or whatever. I almost put a disclaimer that I realized there are a huge variety of ways to be active and wasn't surveying the tribe for ideas.

Cardio is of course hugely important...gotta have gas in the tank. I walk 4-5 miles in an average day, but don't really consider that 'real' cardio. Quality time with weights and bodyweight exercises gets the blood pumping. 3-4 hours of yard work a week, too.

...but I need to add in some more focused/high intensity cardio. Have had knee problems in the past which make me apprehensive about distance running at this point. Had a punching bag back in the day that I really enjoyed wailing on...need to set up another one.

Diet. Obviously going to be hard to lose weight if you're eating thousands of calories more than you're burning.

I actually eat pretty well - cleaner than more people that I know. Minimal junk food, avoid mass amounts of carbs, lots of good salads, lots of protein...do drink zero cal energy drinks for daily caffeine fix, which I need to cut. Weight has been stable for years; not decreasing, though.

Have been tracking calories / food using an app called MyFitnessPal for the past several months. It's kind of clunky and mildly annoying, but it helps, especially tracking macro nutrients. I am pretty good of keeping mental track of my calories, but macros (carb/protein/fats) are harder. Recommend the app approach...it's helpful for understanding what you're taking in, and makes you really take notice when you eat crap.

I have been hitting 1700-2000 calories a day, which is a pretty significant deficit over what my "maintenance" intake should be, especially when you factor in exercise. Low carbs (about 15% of my daily intake). Lots of protein. Good stuff. The apps will help you figure out what your calorie intake should be, or there's some simple math (13-18 calories per pound) that you can track down with a Google search.

Another book to check out is Pat McNamara's Sentinel. Pat Mac is an ex-SFO-D (Delta) guy, epic beard owner and in hella good shape. Though it's not the primary focus of Sentinel, he talks a bit about his Combat Strength Training program, which is completely in line with the brand of fitness we want. Mix of strength,  Pat's also written a series of articles in Recoil magazine on the topic that I need to go hunt down.

Had some bills come up this past week that look like they may delay the garage gym I want to set up, but that's life. Lots of stuff that can be done with minimal equipment.

Had a crap day yesterday (see above around bills), got home late and could have easily come up with some kind of excuse to just crash on the couch. But I naa, I'm committed. Can't stop me that easily.

Tomorrow is my big PT day of the week, and I'm looking forward to it. Excited to get in there and crush it. Destroy that sucker.


  1. While doing that walking, consider carrying a 15 lb. dumb bell, good facsimile of a rifle's weight without scaring anybody. Leg weights would likewise help increase your workout without requiring extra time and little added expense.

  2. Agree, but the walking is done to, from and around work, and carrying a dumbell would be a bit too strange. I do have a 15 to 20 pound backpack on for half of the walking though :)

  3. Oh - okay, I didn't catch the part of it is on the way to work. Yeah - awkward!

  4. How much of a caloric deficit are you running? Should keep it at 500.

  5. AnonymousMay 28, 2015

    My current PT load is krav maga on Tuesday and Thursday, front-end loaded with 30 minutes of "Ultimate Fitness" (MMA-style workout), Saturday ruck with 20 to 50 lbs. and 4 to 6 hours, Sunday upper body weights at a gym. On the other days, I either climb stairs (actual staircases, not the machine) or do two 30-minute walks.