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Paris supermarket SWAT entry

I'm not an expert in dynamic entry, but when you've got a stack of 100 guys in full kit and only one makes it through the door, things probably didn't go as planned.

From someone who is more of an expert - Travis Haley:

Come on guys... Damn... I mean good job getting the goons but watch the Blue on Blue... (when bad guy comes running out the door) not to mention the 1 man entry with 100man stack behind him...

A messy looking entry like this isn't uncommon. The lead guy(s) go in, bullets start flying and confusion, emotion take over and the rest of the stack ducks for the nearest cover.


  1. Here another perspective during the assault:
    As you can see there was a frag grenade or IED thrown at their feet.

  2. They need some serious remedial training.

  3. Here is some context to understand what happened. They were two simultaneous hostages taking: one in this supermarket with one guy (A) and an other one in a printing shop with two guys (B) and (C). (A) told the police that if (B) and (C) were killed he would kill the hostages. What happened is that (B) and (C) that in fact weren't holding any hostages decided to go kamikaze style on the GIGN assault team who killed them both. So the other assault team (policemen from RAID which is different from SWAT, the french equivalent would be GIPN/FIPN/BRI) at the supermarket had to act in a hurry and not necessarily as planned, meaning everybody to the front door(which, lets face it sucks), not when they wanted to(KGB time, 4 in the mornig is always the best!) waiting for a slow a** door to open and then securing the hostages as fast as possible.
    Now here is my explanation of the assault itself (and I'm not a specialist either). How you can see there are to teams each team with two guys holding shield. When the first shield guy get in (on the left) he is crouched(to prevent blue on blue and to be able to go under the door): he does not see (A) . Whereas the second guy on the left and all the right see (A) who arrive by the back on the left of the store: they immediatly return fire. Now the assault team are stuck, one guy is in but the other can't go in whithout getting shot(you don't mess with 7,62!). They're litteraly in the death corridor if they decide to go in(isn't it the name given to door opening in CQB class?). Then the smarta** (A) make the decision that free virgins sounds great(sorry if you're offended by the sarcasm) and rush outside the store hoping to hurt a maximum of people. And as you may see the policemen actually took in consideration the blue on blue danger: only the front men shoot, the left team back off as (A) is running towards the exit clearing the right team line of fire(you can see that on other video here the camera angle is not good). Not saying that they took an ied/grenade blast on the feet.
    So actually think went rather right considering the short time they had to get in position and go in. It's certainly not the cleanest entry, but that is also what make the difference between training and the real world.
    I hope this help people to understand what and why it happened like that. And also remember don't judge a police/military operation if yoy don't have all the intel. I've seen to often people in France commenting on how SWAT or Seal for example messed up without in fact checking what happened really (most of the time it's the I've heard on TV that..). Then I'm also french so my view might be a little bit biased!