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Train with Ed...bring your passport

Training with Ed and crew on the mean streets of Tijuana...sounds like an adventure in waiting. Via EdPoint.

Tijuana, Mexico — July 18 and 19 of 2015 Reaper Method/Black Box Level One Certification.

This class will be comprised of an international student base, taught in both English and Spanish (bilingual knowledge is not required of students). Those in the USA, Mexico, and abroad are encouraged to apply.

Space will be limited to 10 participants and will have an entry fee of $380 dollars.

Due to the nature of the material being covered, this will NOT be an open seminar. Those interested should submit an email containing a brief personal biography, military and/or law enforcement service history, a list of any physical conditions or limitations, any history of PTSD related disorders, and any martial arts background for consideration. Applicants should be prepared to undergo a basic criminal background check.

This is a physically and mentally exhausting course, taking place in a very dangerous part of the world. Students will live on-site for the duration of the training. Food will be provided.
This course will include:
-Basic Edged Weapons Work
-Improvised Weapons
-The Garrote
-Basic Escapology
-Surviving Simulated Abductions (these are intense simulations)
-Confronting Multiple Opponents
-Concealment of Escape Tools
-Basic Lock Picking

Reaper MX: http://youtu.be/5_b3ovGveoA

In addition, students will learn how criminals think, first hand, by learning to operate as criminals. Students will take part in planning simulated abductions and attacks that mimic real-world scenarios.

Finish the course and you get the reaper patch and gain entry in to further levels of training and become part of the family.

Please submit your inquiry to: caidamuerta@gmail.com