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2015 Goals

With the start of a new year, it's goal making time.

Here are some of my big 'uns for the year:
  • Rebuild emergency fund after last year's decimation; have refunded by year end
  • Get down to 195 by June; generally improve overall fitness level
  • Training course or two in the 2nd half of the year - book in the second quarter, attend in the 3rd quarter
  • General consolidation of stuff / updating / completing various systems (go-to AR, battle rattle, EDC, etc.)
I find it generally helpful to break big goals up into smaller goals - compartmentalization, if you will. So for weight loss, I have a per week and per month goal that are the main focus. For emergency fund, it's a monthly savings goal, etc.

Check-in points and milestones are good, too - e.g. have X completed within the first quarter, which will allow you to do Y in the summer. Throw 'em on a calendar, set up reminders, tell somebody else about 'em and get things moving.

Like most, I'm not the bestest at completing all of my annual goals. I get lazy, busy and distracted by new shiny things like everybody else. But, in writing down some goals at the beginning of the year, I find that I usually get the majority of them done.

How about you guys and gals? What are your big goals for the year, prep related or otherwise?


  1. where are you weight wise now? what more are you going to do with your rifle specifically? how are you gonna consolidate your edc?

    i think i smell new blog posts coming!

    1. Follow up posts to come :)

      What are your goals for the year?

    2. just about the same as yours with a serious emphasis on health with functional fitness being the end goal (chasing the muscle bug when i was younger is playing hell with my knees now), my edc i thought was ok but multiple attackers on the streets that i've been reading about and the incident in France has me rethinking, I WILL BE OUT OF DEBT by the end of the year (God willing) and my food/water storage needs to be increased.

      this will be a year of progress and what some people will call sacrifice. no eating out, no impulse buys for trinkets from China that i don't need and a serious look at all the stuff i currently have. everything that is just extra stuff taking up space will be given to either Good Will or the Salvation Army.