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2015 Goals

With the start of a new year, it's goal making time.

Here are some of my big 'uns for the year:
  • Rebuild emergency fund after last year's decimation; have refunded by year end
  • Get down to 195 by June; generally improve overall fitness level
  • Training course or two in the 2nd half of the year - book in the second quarter, attend in the 3rd quarter
  • General consolidation of stuff / updating / completing various systems (go-to AR, battle rattle, EDC, etc.)
I find it generally helpful to break big goals up into smaller goals - compartmentalization, if you will. So for weight loss, I have a per week and per month goal that are the main focus. For emergency fund, it's a monthly savings goal, etc.

Check-in points and milestones are good, too - e.g. have X completed within the first quarter, which will allow you to do Y in the summer. Throw 'em on a calendar, set up reminders, tell somebody else about 'em and get things moving.

Like most, I'm not the bestest at completing all of my annual goals. I get lazy, busy and distracted by new shiny things like everybody else. But, in writing down some goals at the beginning of the year, I find that I usually get the majority of them done.

How about you guys and gals? What are your big goals for the year, prep related or otherwise?