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$1000 Cache - My Take

So $1000 - a pretty decent amount, but not enough to really go wild. A backup vehicle loaded down with gas, water, food and guns would be nice, but...

I'd focus on socking away backup / redundancies for EDC gear - down to decent clothing. An operational cache, but geared towards equipping me with daily carry tools instead of a full battle rattle.

Basically, I could show up in my flip flops and underoos and leave fairly well set up.

Lean would be towards those things that would be difficult or impossible to get in a crap-hit-the-fan scenario.

A Glock 9mm would form the core of the cache. 17, 19, 26 - doesn't matter much, a Gen 2 is fine. A couple mags - maybe 33rders, a decent holster, spare mag holder and quality ammo. $500-$600 if you shop around, buy used, etc.

Why a handgun and not a pump action shotgun, WASR AK or something like that? As a CCW-licensed average everyday dude, a concealable handgun is more useful to me in a broader array of circumstances than a long gun. If it looks like the USA is going to turn into Syria, then that might change.

After the handgun, I'd have a low profile, EDC-friendly backpack, set up similarly to the one I carry daily. Maybe with some EdWood-style tricks up my sleeve.

Leatherman, flashlight, metal water bottle, burner cell phone, batteries, chargers, some toiletries, basic snivel kit, USB with backup info, etc.

Added to the pack would be a spare set of clothes - jacket, fleece, button up, t-shirt, cargo pants, beanie and work gloves. Broken in hiking boots. Basic, sturdy, earth-toned. A good belt, too.

I'd throw down ~$250 for the bag, contents and clothes. So we're at $750-ish now.

Remaining funds would be spent on medical stuff (fish biotics, gauze, thing of bleach, wound cleaning), a decent sleeping bag, a couple flats of water, basic ready-to-eat foods, spare batteries and a 5 gallon can of gas w/ stabil added.

That should get close to $1k, with a cache equipped the deal with a fairly broad array of troubles. Up the budget, and I'd likely set the rest aside in cash. After a healthy pile o' cash, then I'd look to add a long gun and ancillaries.

But, if really compromised for space: I'd take the handgun stuff, a good knife, flashlight, burner cell phone, a lighter and a fat wad of cash.


  1. This list is currently owned already and I'm not up to date on costs. First along with a used glock and at least 3-5mags would be a keltec sub2000 chambered for the same glock .40 mags. A good backpack like a maxpedition pygmy falcon2. Sawyer mini filter. Shemag/bandana or 2. Nalgene + a metallic bottle/cup for boiling. Leatherman, ESEE Izula. Set of "work"clothes and surplus layers up to a set of gortex. Water proof 6" boots. Again current prices are probably much higher than when I bought my glock and sub2k but everything listed I already own and probably bought really cheap at my favorite surplus store. Glock $300, sub2k $250, maxpedition $60, Patagonia level 6 Gortex set $50, etc.etc. The awesome deals are out there, its just how much time and patience are you willing to spend looking for them... A small first aid kit and shelf stable meals are good to throw in there as well as a really good flashlight like something from MTE.

  2. You can save some money on the multi-tools by checking out local pawn shops. I've purchased slightly used Leatherman Waves for a 1/4 of the NIB price. Most of them have evidence of use on a few of the blades - definitely usable. And since this cache is for 'just in case' ...

    A good idea for backups is GOOD footwear. If this cache is intended for use, you will probably be on the move a lot and comfortable footwear will be a must. Boots for the wilderness, but in urban environments, they stand out, especially if they are military pattern. Maybe some cross trainers, foot wear designed for people on the move.


  3. Copies of essential documents - paper.

    Snivel Gear
    3-pack underwear, t-shirts, socks. 1 pair jeans, 1 sweater, 1 floppy hat, 1 pair tennis shoes. $100
    Cheap sleeping bag $40 2 tarps $20 used solo stove $50 Coleman mess kit $10
    Toiletries $10

    Carrying gear
    Cheap cruiser bike with rear carrier from Walmart $110
    Spare tubes, repair kit, slime, air pump $50
    100ft paracord $10
    2 - day rucksacks $40
    2 - 5 gallon buckets $10

    2 - 1 quart canteens $10
    4 - 1 gallon water $5
    2 - polar pure water treatment $40

    20 lbs rice, 20 lbs lentils, 20 lbs beans $60
    3 - 1lb fruitcakes $25
    1- 500ct multivitamin $20

    Compact binoculars $25
    Stanley multitool $12
    Cold Steel Kukri $22
    4 lighters $4
    Cheap LED flashlight $3
    Windup flashlight/FM radio/cell charger $10
    Homemade fishing kit in altoids tin $10
    Homemade sewing kit in altoids tin $10

    single shot 12g shotgun $150
    50rd birdshot $25
    10rd slug $20
    10rd buck $10
    slingshot, 2 extra bands $20

    Homemade first aid kit $50
    Everclear 190 proof 750ml $19

    The plan is to tie most things to the bicycle except one day ruck, the stuff I have to have goes in

    that ruck. This way I walk along pushing the bicycle and it carries the rest. My knees aren't up to

    carrying a heavy backpack like they were once upon a time.