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$1k Cache - Follow Up

Had some interesting commentary here and over at Total Survivalist that I wanted to follow up on.

First - why $1k? Round, attainable number. Enough to do some, but not enough to do everything. Some compromises have to be made, and limitations often end up driving creativity. Things get start to get interesting.

I didn't prepare my list list with any specific circumstances / situation in mind, but instead went with gear that I use daily. It's already intended to get me through a pretty bad day. Short of open warfare, this is the stuff that I would want at hand.

Are these $1k cache lists a good 'starting point' for someone just getting into preparedness? I'd say yes and no. A good portion of my $1k budget was spent on clothing--hopefully noob preppers already have some clothing--and a Glock. For someone brand new to prepping, owned no guns, only had $1k to spend, I don't know if I'd have 'em blow half their budget on Austrian tupperware.

Outside of that, then sure, there are certainly some good ideas in my list and other lists shared in the contents. I typically steer folks to every day carry, then vehicle kit and then to start building food, water storage and other capabilities at home, so keep that in mind, too. If you are new and need some guidance, hit me up in the comments section with questions and I'll be glad to help steer you in the right direction.

Looks like Total Survivalist has posted up his own take on the $1k kit, too - in fact, he's doubled down with two separate lists. Check 'em out.


  1. I love the glock respect the glock understand the sell points of the glock yet would still recommend to a noob pepper on a budget get a springfield xd over the glock they sell for usualy a 100$ cheaper and are getting as common place as a glock . ignoring a ounce here a mm thier its the same weapon

  2. I just published my own list on my blog (linked to you) based on the idea of almost totally starting from scratch. My own thinking was that a new person actually COULD use such a list as a guideline for building their own preps as a start.

    Of course, no list of stuff will ever really cover what a prepper actually needs. Skills aren't on any list of gadgets and gear, yet are the most vital things any prepper can acquire, IMHO. :)

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I can see your 'universal resupply of EDC stuff' perspective.

    I would not recommend someone start with a cache, or a list like this for getting int preparedness. They would be better off focusing on building up a store of food, getting a couple water jugs, buying some batteries for their flashlight, some candles, etc.

    1k is reasonable to get through a long power outage or a moderate hurricane.

  4. I enjoy these 'lists', gives me ideas that I would not have thought of on my own. Also nice comparing the regional differences that one area's kit is important, where another is completely different.