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EDC Bag Dump - July '14

As promised, my current EDC bag dump.

The bag is a Camelbak Urban Assault, going on 4 years old. Still lookin' good, no rips tears or busted zippers. Excellent bag, with a dedicated laptop pocket and lots of useful internal pockets. The gear pictured goes into admin pockets, leaving the main compartment wide open for whatever I might need.

The bag's contents are a mix of daily-use items, snivel gear and lightweight contingency kit. Doesn't weigh much, provides some good capability and keeps oft used items at hand.

Contents after the jump:
Not pictured: a laptop and wireless mouse (either work or personal) is almost always added to the load when leaving

Some additional commentary:

Pretty simple, but it works for me.

If you look back over some of my older dumps, you'll note that I've trimmed out quite a bit. I used to carry a toiletry kit, more food, etc. - it didn't get used and it wasn't worth carrying around. There are certainly still some non-essential pieces of gear, but I keep them on hand 'cuz they're convenient for daily use and/or weigh little.

Example - I could drop all the snivel gear and only suffer some inconvenience as a result...but, it'd gain me a few ounces that aren't really needed for my purposes.

I've misplaced my little notebook that I keep in the bag - need to replace that. Somtimes have a glow stick or two in the bag, used those for kiddo entertainment and need to replace them. Other contents added based on needs.

My personal laptop is beefier than I'd like or need it to be for travel - it's something like seven or eight pounds with the cable/adapter and makes up the heaviest component by far. I need to get a tablet of some variety for trips, reducing that down to 1 whole pound.

That's about it! Happy to answer any questions, open to suggestions.