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Kickstarters - Hoss and Capricorn Tool

Two Kickstarters by good dudes that I wanted to put out on the airwaves.

The Hoss' American Militia
We're Hoss fans over here, and he's getting fairly close to funding the project with 9 days left.


And hey, if you have $10k lying around to throw Hoss' way, he'll come visit you and let you buy him dinner! I'd figure Hoss-a-Bossa could pick up the tab for some Denny's Grand Slams, but hey. He may even let you lend him your couch to sleep on!

Capricorn Pocket Tool
Next up is a project by a reader who has been following T-blog since the pocket survival kit contest way back when. Pretty cool little pocket bling, the Capricorn Pocket Tool:

The Capricorn Pocket Hook is a titanium design that weighs less than three quarters. Its main purpose is as a keychain dangler. The three hooks (main hook, pocket clip, and shallow hook) allow keys to be suspended in a variety of ways. Furthermore, the hooks also lend themselves to other uses, such as carrying bags, lifting hot dutch ovens, attaching items to backpacks, and more. The Capricorn is equipped with a bottle opener and a slot to drive 1/4" hex bits. At only $17 for the standard early bird option, we feel it's an economical way to augment one's EDC.

They're just over halfway to their goal with 12 days left. Check it out here: