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The Walking Dead: Crossed

Rick planning out the episode we want to see...

So, episode starts out good. Rick's laying out the plan to take the hospital. They set up a distraction and draw out some of the cops, then move in stealthily. Daryl will take out the first guard. How's he going to do that? Slit his throat. Then they move in with blades and suppressed weapons.

Sounds like we're in for a rocking, action packed episode, right?


Tyrese, Mr. Gentle Giant, comes up with the "safer" plan of capturing some of their people and using them as bargaining chips.

Ya, look how well that worked out for the Governor last season.

The remainder of the episode is fairly mediocre: Team Rick tries to catch some of the hospital's people and all does not go according to plan. We jump between Team Rick's main plot line and some filler material with Team Glenn stranded on the highway and Secret Agent Beth trying to help out Carol.

Pretty much a tease from the set up provided by last week's episode, with some fairly weak writing. Making the characters look stupid/incompetent in order to move the plot along is a major cop out.

That said, there were a few upsides.

Guns. I am digging Rick's suppressed pistol, which looks to be a H&K with Silencerco Osprey.

Glenn and Maggie are now rocking some nice hardware, too. Maggie's looks like a S&W R8, which is a variant of one of my grail fun guns, the S&W 627

While Glenn has a chromed out Colt 1911, complete with Colt mag and some passable trigger discipline. Pretty nice. Hadn't noticed this one yet.

And last spot o' goodness, some good zombie makeup effects used for the melted zombies.

The end of the episode seemed to set up for the big action next week...the filler does get old.

Anyways, what did you think of the episode? Good/bad? Any takeaways?


  1. Here are my takeaways from the show: http://priorproperplanningpppp.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-walking-dead-crossed-survival.html

  2. Biggest takeaway: when Ricks plan to lure in a police car of cops was executed, it worked great...UNITL another police car came roaring up and everyone had to improvise. There should have been a security element dedicated to keep the area secure while the other guys dealt with the trap and prisoners. Group A runs the ambush and deals with the prisoners, group B covers the avenues of approach and keeps an eye open for surprises while Group A deals with the matter at hand.

    1. Very true - good call. Sasha on overwatch with her scoped AR woulda been helpful!

    2. This. When they all just pop around the corner it forces a standoff. While they were better armed they should have had at least one person in a high position.

  3. The look in Rick's eyes when he has the gun on the cop from the hospital.....dead eye....gave me chills. He's ruthless now.

  4. Mountain OhmNovember 25, 2014

    They should have immediately taken the Bullet proof vests and gear off the cops- To leave the prisoners fully geared up made no sense to me in this type of an environment. They got their bad ass new guns, but who wouldn't want a state of the art vest in these surroundings, especially when planing an invasions to save their people!

    Also- Trusting others made no sense at this time- even if you are trying to hold on to some sort of decency- Trusting another outsider should not be in the vocab- I thought that was a big downer is this episode- I think the episode was not thought out well and that there is no way Rick and Co. would have acted like this- certainly after what had recently just happened.

  5. Glad to see someone else calling out all the Filler. I get berated anytime I criticize this show.