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The Walking Dead goes Urban Survival

After a couple snoozer episodes, I really dug this past week's episode of the Walking Dead, titled "Consumed".

Some great post-apocalyptic scenery as Carol and Daryl returned to explore the ruins of Atlanta in search of Beth. And I am certainly a sucker for exploring desolate apocalyptic urban landscapes...for some reason, strangely beautiful and fascinating. Felt a bit like the zombie classic 28 Days Later.

Thumbs up to the show here for some good work here. Excellent cinematography, set design, etc. And cool to revisit some of the iconic places from earlier in the series.

Also enjoyed a few of the urban survival elements that were comparatively well done, if you were paying attention:
  • Struggles with locked doors, chains and other barriers (and having the tools to deal with them)
  • Acquiring transportation when needed
  • Using existing shelter
  • Scavenging water and other supplies
  • Importance of stealth and observing unknown forces from afar
  • Necessity of traveling light
Next week should be action-packed, as Daryl rallies the troops and brings 'em in guns blazing to rescue Beth and Carol.

What did you guys think? Think anyone will catch a bullet or walker bite in next week's jail break episode, "Crossed"/


  1. I think they showed way to much attention on Carol this week. That usually is a sign that character is about to die.

  2. Here are some links of things to come. The first link has pictures of what is possible the Alexandria Safe-Zone.




  3. I too am a huge fan of desolate urban environments...mainly for photography and art, less so for survival or killing zombies. One of the biggest disappointments for me this season is that they changed the opening title sequence and got rid of the screen shots of Rick Grimes riding his horse into the apocalyptic metropolis of Atlanta, while there were thousands of empty cars deadlocked in the outbound lanes. It is probably one of my favorite all-time title sequences.

  4. This previous episode was an homage to season one. We see the the road that Rick rode into Atlanta on with his horse, the tank he holed up in, and the rooftop where Merle lost his hand.

  5. Finally got to watch the episode, and I thought it was great! It was very interesting to see them back in the ATL metro, and I was glad to see them stick to reality with some of the things you mentioned in your post, such as trouble with locked doors, using existing shelter, moving light and tight, etc. Great stuff!

    I have always thought that that given this type of TEOTWAWKI situation, I would have preferred to find a rural place, such as Herschel's farm, to give my family and I the best opportunity to survive. There would hopefully be wildlife to hunt, fish to catch, and a nice place to grow food. The downside, is that there would be a bunch of safety and property maintenance involved to protect the "homestead" from the large mobs of walkers.

    After watching this episode though, and seeing how abandoned the urban environment actually was, I'm now thinking it would be better to shack up in some downtown condo or hotel, and gain access to the roof for rooftop gardening and water collection. If you were lucky enough to find a rooftop swimming pool, there may even be an opportunity to raise fish as well. The best thing about the urban environment, IMO, is the ability to barricade and protect yourself better from walkers and bad guys. There would also be a seemingly endless supply of materials, maybe not food, but other resources to scavenge.

  6. Anyone else frustrated with this past episode on Sunday.....

    Immediately they should have striped the Hospital cops of the BP Vests and Gear. At this point in the show- how would any of them give up so much edge and trust anyone- I thought it was very week how easy it was for the Hospital cops to manipulate the Crew!!!!

    Frustrated me that they did not immediately put on their vests, lock em up, and really make sure that they could not get the drop on anyone. Piss pour writing...

  7. What I found interesting is that the cops were not real cops. One of the captured cops said all the real cops were long gone when he was talking to Rick.

    1. I think he meant that "figuratively", ya know they were not protecting serving anyone but themselves