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Haley Strategic Partners introduces the D3CR-Heavy

Image via HSP.
For those of you who run the .308 battle rifles, HSP has added a chest rig for you: the Disruptive Environments Chest Rig - Heavy, designed by Travis Haley and Eggroll from Extreme Gear Labs.

Travis's impressive marketing machine is rolling this out to the tactical world post-haste, and he's provided a to-the-point overview of the new design and features of the new chest rig.

In my opinion, the D3CR line is one of the best options out there for a compact, out-of-the-box solution. Their expansion system lends some additional versatility, too. And, no fiddling with friggin' Malice clips, either.

The shoulder strap system on the original is a bit lame, and it doesn't look like they've upgraded the straps for the Heavy, which would have been a good idea. If you're wearing it regularly as a standalone chest rig, I imagine you'll be hunting for an upgrade before too long.

The D3CR really excels at being mounted to the front of a plate carrier. In that case, it gives you the ability to go from a low-profile, slick (no pouches) front plate carrier to an attached fighting load within seconds. You have better integration, less webbing tangle and more stability than trying to wear a chest rig over a plate carrier. I'm moving my kit in this direction and looking to pickup a few pieces to that end during upcoming Black Friday sales.

A slick carrier concealed under a jacket or button up is likely to be more useful to most folks in civvy shoes, and having the ability to ammo up in a moment gives you the best o' both worlds with one rig. Keep the shoulder straps in your go bag as a backup, too.

The D3CR's velcro and swift-clip docking capability gives you the ability to very easily flip between rigs. ITS Tactical has a good overview of the versatility this can give you--go from shotgun to carbine, for example. Now, you can flip from a the original D3CR running 5.56 to the Heavy running 308 by un-clipping a couple buckles and peeling bag some velcro.

Yep, the default mag count is just 4 on both the original and the Heavy. For the original, you've got the 2 mag expansion, which bumps you up to 6, a respectable mag count by most anyone's standards. HSP may/may not release the expansion for the Heavy--as Travis notes in the video, that's a fair amount o' weight to strap on.

Your belt line is usually a better idea for those few extra mags, anyways. A couple belt mounted pouches or a drop leg rig would get you to the standard 6-8 magazine capacity pretty easily, and gives you some primary mag reloads on your first line to boot.

The D3CR is narrow enough to work well with belt-mounted gear, too. Wider, more fatty chest rigs or plate carrier setups will tend to prohibit access to anything on your belt line, but with the narrower width of the D3CR/D3CR-H, you should still be able to access belt mounted pouches without too much trouble.

Hey, even if you're not interested in the D3CR-Heavy (I own exactly zero 308 rifles), there's some perty 308s in the product photograph. Check it out via the HSP web store.


  1. Where to start:

    -I really like setups that are made to work both with straps AND mounted to a PC. It gives a ton of versatility while keeping the muscle memory (or whatever we call that now) of gear placement the same. FWIW I like ones with a zip admin type pouch in back where you can tuck the straps. That way you KNOW they are there just in case.

    -Not enamored with a 4 mag setup. However it's likely plenty for most LE/CIV situations with a healthy cushion. Figure one or two on the belt and it's a decent number. The expansion pack goes a long way towards that problem.

    -Do not like proprietary mounting. MOLLE/ PALS has it's annoyances but I have a bunch of pouches to experiment with. Can try a setup with scavenged pouches then maybe replace them with similar but Gucci matching pouches later if I want.

    -I was darn near sold until I realized it's only held on by darn velcro. Yeah I bet Travis Haley tested it and the stuff doesn't suck right away but I have load bearing MOLLE stuff that's over a decade old. Wanna bet on ten year old velcro to hold a pair of rifle mags? Me neither.

    1. Ryan -

      - For the original, the expansion system bumps you up to 6 mags, then plus 2-3 on your war belt gets you in respectable 'zombies are coming' territory. That's without any mags mounted under the arms of the PC, where you could obviously add more.

      - The pouches are sewn on. It's lighter weight and no malice clips to mess with, but you're stuck with the current layout. If you did want something custom, Extreme Gear Labs / Eggroll would be able to hook you up at a slight premium - they call in the VOCR and can make whatever variant you could dream up.

      - There are six side release buckles holding it on, in addition to the big panel of velcro. The SRBs (swiftclips) would hold the panel on all by its lonesome if the velcro stopped working.

    2. Went back and took a better look. The expansion stuff is velcro but not the basic pouches. That really addresses my concerns about longevity.

      I like this setup. May have to keep it in mind for the future.

    3. IIRC, several of Mayflower Consulting's chest rigs offer similar connectivity with the velcor/swift clip setups.

  2. Off topic but I will be training with Haley in the near future. Really looking forward to it!!!!