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Black Friday 2014 - Deals / shopping list...

Well, Thanksgiving is nigh upon us, and with that comes the steepest discounts of the year.

Slickguns has ad scans for many of the major firearms-related retailers if you're looking for a one-stop-shop.

Soldier Systems has a really good listing of deals from online merchants, found right here.

Amazon of course has lots of  deals, including night vision and thermal stuff at a pretty steep discount. We're an Amazon affiliate, so if you do any shopping through one of our Amazon links, we get a small kick back from them. Costs you nothing and is one of the primary sources of fundage for the blog, so we certainly appreciate it. Click here to start shopping.

If you find some scorching deals that you want to point the tribe too, post 'em up in the comments.

This year, I'm shopping for some deals on a closet-sized gun safe, a HSP D3CR (original flavor), Mayflower or Velocity plate carrier and general AR-related goodies. Need to buy some uppers, so we'll see if there's anything that has me biting. Also in the market for a subcompact 9, but haven't made up my mind on model and don't anticipate any scorching deals.

Closet-friendly Gun Safe
Safe is looking like it'll be a Liberty Revolution, which Gander Mountain has on sale for a decent discount. I've got limited real estate in my current house, so whatever safe I end up with needs to be on the small-ish side. The Liberties seem to be the best-in-class for this size o' gun safe--made in the USA, 30 min fire rating, S&G lock, Liberty brand/warranty and the 'military-style' locking mechanism is better than the handful of bolts similar safes use. Local pickup and being able to move and install it myself is another (very) big plus.

I am well aware of the general advice to buy bigger than you think you'll need for a gun safe. I'm big on diversity, though, and believe I'd rather have a few decent quality safes in various locations than one big ol' papa bear safe that takes a crane to move. More work for a B&E crack head to find multiple safes and break into each of 'em separately, while alarm system is going off and police are incoming.

I have a pretty modest firearms collection, too, and a smallish safe should suffice for the next several years. Down the line, I will get an upgrade and this safe will serve as a backup and offer some additional diversity in secured storage.

If anyone has a Revolution, let me know how it's treated you.

If you're not size constrained (or you're better at persuading your wife), there are some good deals on bigger safes -  plenty in the some $400-$800 price range.

D3CR & Velocity/Mayflower Plate Carrier
I actually had a D3CR last year and sold it off. Had been intending to use it as a standalone chest rig, found the straps lacking and did not have an easily compatible plate carrier. After playing around with a couple other rigs this past year, I've come full circle and am looking to do the plate carrier + D3CR + light belt rig thing. Some basic thoughts are included in my blurb on the D3CR-Heavy from yesterday.

If you've run this combo, welcome your thoughts.

I need me moar ammo and/or reloading components. Can never have enough of that, right?

Also have several projects that are stalled at the moment, waiting for funds and good deals to move forward

With the evil black rifle market in a bit of a lull these past few months, hoping for some scorching dealios to hit. I'm looking at Weapon Outfitters, BCM and some of the smaller shops to see what they come out with.

Small 9
I was planning on getting the Shield, but took it for a rental test drive at my range and found that the grip did not agree with my hand particularly well, which was a bit of a surprise. Otherwise a very nice gun and a great size.

There are a half dozen alternatives that I need to get hands on and shoot--Sig 938, other compact 1911 flavors in 9,  Beretta Nano, Kahr, etc. Heck, should probably give the Glock 26 another look, though I'm thinking it's wider than I want.

Being a snubbie revolver guy for the past several years has me looking at the Ruger LCR-9, too.

Not planning on seeing any scorching deals on these, though.

Anyways, that's what I'm shopping for this Black Friday / Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza weekend. What are you looking for?