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EDC Bag Dump Contest: Winner Announcement!

Huge thanks to all for sending in their entries! Interesting to see what folks are carrying around and swipe a few ideas for my own.

The sharing of experiences/ideas amongst the Tribe is an asset to all - diversity of thought helps to produce the best end results! Hopefully the thoughts/commentary from me was helpful as well.

The winner of the contest will receive a prize pack containing a Bomb Rider t-shirt and some new T-blog swag that will be up on the store shortly:

 Bomb Rider stickers...

and a limited edition leather (yup, real leather!) Bomb Rider morale patch...

as well as a grab bag of odds-n-ends from the T-Blog ark of gear.

Anyways, enough jibber jabber - onto the announcement!
Contest Winner is...
KK's Discrete Messenger bag!

Clean photography, artful knolling of components, good organization of gear and a nice balance of practical and contingency made this one stand out for me.

I complete stole the mini-tape measurer idea, too. It's come in useful a dozen or so times now!

Great job and congrats!

Special Mention...

A special shout out to Ed, for submitting the most badass EDC load out. He'd probably win every one of these if we let him! We'll be sending some T-Blog swag and gear his way, too. If you haven't already, check out Ed's new blog, EdPoint for more gear, knowledge and photography from Ed!

Since everyone dumped their bags for all to see, I'll do a dump of my current bag within the next few days, as well as post up some general thoughts and observations from the contest entries.

Thanks again, amigos!