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EDC Bag Contest: AJ's Tara - really the last one!

I figured I would throw my hat in before the month ends just by the skin of my teeth hopefully. This is my current EDC bag I carry it pretty much every where I go. I am on active duty status with the National Guard as an instructor. This bag goes to work with me 6 days a week and in the car or with me almost every where else I go. It also goes over seas with me when I travel for work with slight "flight safe" changes. 

The Bag is a Hill People Gear Tarahumara Pack

It has a tarainsert with a Medium general purpose pouch, which contains:
A religious book
About $150 in cash
An SD and micro SD holder with multiple SD cards containing encrypted personal documents and other randomness
Two ITS field notes. Notebooks
A tourniquet 
An ITS tactical urban E&E kit
A GoTube with:
a sere pick lock pick set 
Mini chem lights
A mini handcuff key
And a 8 gb USB with Tails installed for safe anonymous computer usage anywhere 

On the tarainsert:
I have a Sparrow Quick Jim
An eese knife with para cord handle and a flint and magnesium fire starter
An ITS tactical survival tin with original contents some additions i.e. can opener and bic lighter

There are some food bars I prefer pro bar products and some electro light nuun tabs

ITS tactical EDC blowout kit with some extra band aides 
CPR protective mask
Ibuprofen/ Tylenol
A bandana
A spare M&P mag (23 rounds of 9mm gold saber)
A SureFire flashlight
Raven concealment mag/light holder
A solar battery pack (Brunton) with iPhone cord
Spare batteries and led bulb for flashlight 
Ontario D2 knife (in bladder pouch in bag)

A compass
A Vapur water bottle (rolled up)

In the zipper bag:
2 chem lights
Spare set of contacts
ITS tactical signal panel 
6 feet of para cord
Kevlar string
Sparrow mini pry bar
180 min international phone card
Space pen
Spare AAA batteries
Cough drops 
Breath freshening tooth brushes
Mini chem lights and a red bright strike apals light

On me:
iPhone in a magpul case
Douglass Field lighter (better than a zippo in every way)
CRKT knife
Wallet with sere pick set and multi tool card
M&P9 in raven concealment holster (mostly on me but some times in the bladder pouch of the bag)
Keys with photon red light and fire striker

I have a lot of redundancy probably too much but I try and keep it spread out an that way as the contents get tweaked if I travel I still have back ups I also am ordering a pair of glasses to keep in here to back up the contacts.
From Alex:
Some nice gear! Thanks for the entry and thanks for your service. BTW, do you like ITS Tactical much :P?
Hat tip for being the first to have a Tails USB. I think the highest blade AND lock pick count, too.
Now, I don't know exactly what you train in the National Guard, and being active duty likely gets you some leeway I'm sure, but see the commentary provided to Godfather Js about checking legality and consider the LEO/jury reaction to the small arsenal you've got there.

In terms of redundancy, I would lose one of the fixed blades. The Izula is handy because of its small size and ruggedness, but it's got nothing on the bigger knife for serious work. And if you're going to have both the big knife and the Izula in your bag. For sheeple friendly use, the folder and multitool should have you covered.

Along similar lines of redundancy, a more potent light for backup may be handy. For outdoor, general purpose - hard to beat a headlamp. Also - I'm not seeing redundancy in terms of writing utensils. Two notebooks, but I'm counting one space pen?

I'm curious about the Vapur bottle - I've messed with the various little roll-up water bottles like the Platypus, but it looks more robust and functional. It'd probably be relegated to a backup - I like having something stainless steel and robust to rely on. Given the outdoor focus of some of your kit (bivvy, WetFire, survival tin, fixed blades), I'd want a metal container for heating/boiling water, too.

You've got some subloading going on, but looks like there are still some loose odds-n-ends. Some bags/organizers/pouches will help clean that up and help you avoid digging through the bag to find that one little bit. Especially important for stuff like the tourniquet.

And, last but not least - my war against the EDC printed books would not be complete if I didn't suggest the Gospel Library app versus the micro Book of Mormon. You can highlight and bookmark verses, and have the whole slew o' scriptures and talks at your fingertips. Your eyesight will thank you, the book won't get thrashed bouncing around your bag, and you'll cut out a few ounces. That said, I know some people prefer their scriptures in paper form. 
That's it from me - we'll see if the tribe has any commentary. Thanks again for the entry!