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Church & Son War Clubs

Beautifully mean looking Native American-style war clubs, hand made by T-Blog friend and black smithin' hippie, Randy Church.

Channel your inner Mohican war chieftain. A steal at $300 each.

Available from the Redbud Forge >


  1. Obviously more of an art/ talking point thing than a preparedness item. Aside from the fact that $300 will buy an actual darn gun that can shoot people I wouldn't want to fight with one of these. If actual guns were out of the question for that price you could get a bow with some arrows, a cold steel Asenge spear and a machete giving you weapons capable of fighting from some distance to point blank. That being said it is cool to it's cool to think about going all Last of the Mohicans on somebody.It would also be a cool 'talking piece' to hang on the wall.

    1. Well ya, it's not about bang-for-your-buck weaponry.

      Aside from being a piece of meticulously hand crafted bad assery, it also shows what can be crafted and improvised with found materials, simple hand tools and a backyard forge. Not a bad skillset to have!

  2. Thanks Brother Wolf....meticulously hand crafted bad assery may be the most awesome compliment I've had!!!
    Hope you and yours are well...

    Mr theother ryan, thanks but my captive customer is more into museum quality replications than preps, although I have serious preppers with my stuff on their walls......

    Alex for the more budget minded(or just want to beat the hell out of it) Cold Steel also makes a synthetic stocked war club that is very reasonably priced....

    I'd damn sure hate to stand against either one.......