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EDC Bag Dump Contest: EDC from Argentina

The EDC Bag contest is running through the entire month of June - if you want in on a chance to get a grab bag of prizes from the TEOTWAWKI bunker, plus some feedback from me and the tribe, check out the entry details.

This is my actual backpack I carry everywhere, and the content you could see is just the basic stuff, the main pocket/area is suitable for computer, books, notepads, iPad, the stuff I need according to the job in question.

I am a teacher, in solar industry, for installers, and also work as an installer for a private company. Most of my work is in the city, or near city area, so no survival material are needed, and when i go further inside the country, I carry all my tools on their bags, and suitable materials for the job.

Here in Argentina you can't carry a weapon, and we are not used to have weapons (fire weapons) on our houses, despite what you have heard on the news. Is really weird to know someone that has one. Said that, I own a small crossbow, modified by me, a good slingshot, machete, large knife, axe, and lots of tools for my job.

The primary use for my EDC kit is to get home, on any event.

Top pocket (small one) Contents on top
1 small zip bag with USB adapters, car charger.
1 toothbrush, foldable with tooth paste.
1 multifunction whistle (compass, wistle, container, firestarter)
1 chapstick
1 phone charger (wall plug), detachable USB cable)
1 set of keys from work with large carabineer.
1 "Solar" charger, which is really a battery that you charge on your computer
2 video adapters for the computer

Side hip small pocket. Contents below.
1 sanitation alcohol gel
2 lighters
1 small bubble from chocolate egg toy, with rubber bands inside
1 big compass
Here i put my Victorinox black one hand multitool. Blade, saw, can opener, bottle opener, tweezers. This is ALWAYS on my belt.

Big front pocket.
1 collapsible pen bag, with highlighter, pens, board markers, indelible markers, eraser. This goes on top, since is used a lot.
1 collapsible first aid kit, with, hydrogen peroxide, fisiologic solution, 100 cc each, 3x25 cc pervinox, gauze, bandage, gloves, superglue, some pills for pain, ibuprophen and paracetamol, thermometer, scissors, platsul, lighter, bandaids.
1 bag with zip ties
1 bag (feliz dia) with a rain poncho
2 tubes of toilet paper, those comes inside of the roll instead of the classic cardboard, and comes really in handy.
1 pair of gloves.
There is also two carabineers in the front.

On the upper left corner is my wallet, with money, prepaid card for public transport with some charge, credit card, the small survival card (metal one), Id, licence.

Next is my beloved Milestone 1, hard to beat phone. Has been tosed, drunked in water, lost in the wilds for a couple of days, and is still here!.

My watch, and home keys with a USB flash drive with important data i carry, and sometimes, if the space is suitable, important family files in PDF, inside a encripted .dmg

Well, that's it. On the main space of the backpack I carry my books for the classroom, or the computer, maybe clothes on the summer or winter, since all my tools are carried on toolboxes or a toolbackpack, really handy, with lots of space and lots of tools.

From Alex:
Cool to see some of these international entries come in!

Five quick hits:
  • Water bottle or two
  • I'm not seeing a flashlight. That plus some spare batteries would be an obvious add
  • Since you're an installer, some Mechanix-type gloves take up little space/weight and would be handy in a both a daily environment and in an emergency
  • A multitool would be a good supplement/replacement to the Swiss Army Knife - give you some more versatility
  • Spare cash, maybe even some precious metals if I'm remembering my FerFAL right
  • Food - 1000 - 2000 calories worth of ready to eat stuff (protein bars, trail mix, etc.)
I'm not super familiar with current conditions in Argentina, but know that violent crime has been a major problem in the past. Bad guys rarely care about gun laws. I'd have a couple good self defense options - whether that's a knife geared to defense, pepper spray or some variety of tool that would double as a good improvised weapon. Screw drivers and hammers can do some serious damage if needed. Some training and practice would go a long way.

Any thoughts from the tribe?