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New Contest: Every Day Carry Bag Dump

All right gentlemens and ladies, it's time for another contest. Aww yeeeah.

This time around, we want to see your daily carry bag and its contents Whether you're a bad ass operator or an cubicle jockey, let's see what you pack every day.

Tactical, survival or completely mundane...it doesn't matter. If it's what you carry on a daily basis, send it on in.

With your entry, please include:
  • A SINGLE photo of your bag and contents - at least 640x360 in resolution. If you can't size your picture, just send it through and we'll do the work for you. We're nice like that. But don't send multiple photos - just one!
  • Info about what you use the bag for and what you need it to do
  • Info and discussion on your bag
  • List of the contents and why you carry 'em
Unlike in previous contests, we'll be adding some commentary at the end of entries - thoughts on the bag, things you might want to consider, etc. A little bit of value add from us to you. And the tribe are welcome to chime in and offer comments and suggestions, too.

There's no real criteria behind who will get picked as the winner - just what we feel is the best overall entry. So make like your momma told you to and do your best.

Hint - take your picture in good lighting.

Contest opens today and will run through the end of June.

Prizes? The winner will get a package full of TEOTWAWKI blog goodness. A t-shirt, some unannounced fun stuff and whatever else we might cram into the box.

Photos will be re-posted on Facebook and Pinterest, and we may add Amazon or other links to some of your gear to help folks find out more info or to buy it up.

Send your entries to teotwawki.blog@gmail.com

Let the games begin!