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Brass for trade...45 ACP

I came into a large amount of brass recently. Some if it is calibers I shoot, some of it isn't. For the stuff that I don't shoot, I figured I might as well offer it up to the T-Blog tribe for swap.

I'll take cash money or precious metals if you want, but primarily interested in swapping for reloading components.

First up is a lot of what we'll call 850 mixed headstamp .45ACP. It weighs out to over 900 pieces, but I'll include a healthy fudge factor since it's been hand sorted.

This is once fired brass from an indoor range. Not tumbled or processed. Fair number of nickle cases in the mix.

Looking for:
  • 9mm bullets. No cast lead - jacket or plated only.
  • .223/5.56 brass
  • .223/5.56 bullets
  • Dillon Super Swage
If you've got something else you think I might be interested in (I'm always on the lookout for quality folders, Glock and AR mags, lower parts kits, etc.), drop me a line at teotwawki.blog@gmail.com. I'll be happy to add cash to even up a deal.

If I know you, we can simultaneously ship. If I don't, I'll ask that you ship first.

I will have .40 S&W and .380 ACP coming up soon.

This lot is spoken for. More coming (not .45 ACP). If you're looking for pistol brass and want to work a deal, let me know.


  1. As to the "no you ship first" thing. Wifey is involved in an online group where they sometimes trade stuff. What they often do is both people send the other the amount of cash the item(s) are worrth. That way if somebody shorts you there is the potential to get yours back through the PP claims process.

    Personally for payment I accept only PP or USPS money orders. Both are pretty much fraud proof. Also I ship through the USPS. so in theory somebody shorting something is mail fraud.

    Of course occasionally a person is a bit optimistic in evaluating their item but using those two things I have never been shorted.

  2. jeepboy1991June 08, 2014

    what were you looking for in the way of cash money? I'm pretty sure that amount would fit a medium usps prepaid box.

    1. Pretty sure a medium will fit it.

      Let's ballpark $65 shipped for the lot.

    2. jeepboy1991June 09, 2014

      I just sent you an email at teotwawki.blog@gmail.com with jeepboy1991 in the subject line. I think this will work. If you need my email thru a posting here we can do that if necessary.