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Compact Cleaning Kit

Off-the-shelf cleaning kits are pretty crappy. I don't ask for a whole lot.  I don't need a giant bag full of cleaning gear, and I don't want something that is 3 feet long. Nor do I want to rely solely on one of those little snakey Otis wires. I'm primarily concerned with having a solid rod that I can use to dislodge an obstruction from the barrel, should I need to. Other stuff is gravy.

This minimalistic kit, based around an extended length OscarDeltaGo Tube has been pieced together components from various places. It fits snugly and securely, nice and self contained, no rattles and no worries about the elements.

From top to bottom, left to right:
  • GoTube lid with a length of shock cord
  • GoTube - this is an extended length. SnakeDr will hook you up if you ask nicely. Wrapped with:
  • Single serving of Frog Lube
  • Spare battery for my Aimpoint - expires 2021
  • Cleaning patches
  • Brush and patch loop thing from a USGI-style cleaning kit
  • Glock 9mm nylon brush
  • 3 cleaning rod sections from the same USGI-style cleaning kit