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Shemagh recommendations

Reader question came through the wire:

Thanks for featuring my bag in the EDC contest. I'm looking around for your suggestions, but I'm a little bit stuck on the shemagh. There are a ton of options on Amazon, and every one has a bunch of contradictory reviews (somebody says it's great quality, somebody else says it's terrible). What brand would you recommend?

My shemaghs are all less than $10 ones. My favorite is the pirate one you see in the background of many pictures, which you can find on Amazon

I have a few generic imported ones, too - a green Rothco (I think) rides in my BOB and we've got a couple from a company called 5ive Star Gear floating around. All have been fine.

I check for 100% cotton; if it's in person, I check the feel to make sure it's soft and doesn't feel like a cheap dye job. After that, I don't worry much.

If you want, there are higher end shemaghs out there. Triple Aught Design has one for $20 that is probably pretty nice and, knowing TAD, could become a collector's item in a year or two.

If the tribe has recommendations to share, hit it in the comments.


  1. I have a few of them. My oldest and most used was a US purchase, I want to say from Ranger Joe's. It is a great piece of kit. My others are from the desert. They are cheaper made but have a certain nostalgic value of their own. Junk my grand kids will fight over when I'm dead.

    Anything relatively thick and 100% cotton with good clean edges should serve you well. Get whatever earth tone you prefer.

  2. AnonymousJune 10, 2014

    I think mine were made by Condor, its been a while. I thought it was all hype when I first tried it, but its actually been really useful, both summer and winter time. I've gained some strange looks from ranchers who don't recognize me at first, lol.

    I wear black / green in winter and coyote colors in summer, they just seem to blend with the backgrounds in my locale.

  3. I've got a few (could be a dozen), all different, and I agree about the price point, being around $10. The local GI surplus seems to only carry whatever they've ordered from Rothco, and those seem to be decent quality, certainly good for the price. Made in India most times. I concur with Anon about seasonal colors, tho I go for lighter colors during summer to reflect the heat, not because it blends with the landscape.

  4. Good advice, all. Part of the difficulty is in understanding the Amazon reviews--a lot of people complain about the thinness of the material, seemingly ignoring the fact that shemaghs aren't supposed to be so thick.

  5. AnonymousJune 12, 2014

    I prefer the woven kind to the printed cotton, and I prefer to handle them first, otherwise you might need to buy a few to get one you like.