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Good read on EDC bags

Found these older posts on Straightforward in a Crooked World - some good thoughts on EDC bags vs. bug out bags and keeping plans based in reality.


  1. Definitely agree on his water comments - I've had to walk out from dead vehicle and staying hydrated is much better, especially in summer. We keep a sealed gallon of water minimum in all of our vehicles year round (hardly ever freezes here).

  2. I think he really hits the nail on the head with this:

    "Preparedness even on a small level makes all the difference. You learn from it. You'll never have every single specific thing you need, but with a good kit you learn to make things happen and adapt to it as they come."

    I feel that experience with minimal gear trumps inexperience with tons of gear. Lately, I have spent some time reviewing all of my kits and bags as I do whenever the seasons are changing, and it seems that I have continually shifted more gear out and end up with an even more streamlined kit than before. Things in my EDC have shifted to my vehicle kit and go bags, while things that were in those kits have transitioned to my house for bugging in purposes. My EDC has been completely stripped down because I've realized that the extra gear in it is either not being used, or the desired results could be produced by my past experiences with alternate items.