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Knife versus Gun

Another one that you may or may not have seen floating the interwebs: A couple interesting techniques for countering the classic Teuller drill - guy with a knife in hand at 21 feet versus a guy with a holstered gun.

Knife guy is Doug Marcaida, one of the leading experts in kali and knife fighting in the world.

Thoughts? Practice your combat rolls lately?

I don't see too many school practicing this hot on the range...


  1. Been to several re-trainers where this was studied/practiced...Someone with good weapons skill, keeps up with training or carries and uses everyday doesn't have all that much problem with it, some guys I worked with could pull, draw down and get at least one shot off before the edged weapon made contact...problem is, it still made contact. Suspect may have been injured, out of the fight, or dead, but simple momentum kept the body, the hand and knife coming at full speed and making contact...more likely fatal or serious injury contact even though the subject was hit. Solution many are teaching now is to simply move/sidestep/run at an angle away from aggressor, while keeping eyes on and drawing/creating distance at same time. If attacker gives up attack, great, if not, engage and stop the threat. I've seen this done many many times and creating quick, decisive distance seems to work best, nothing fancy, no super-duper commando ninja rolls, no backwards flips landing on your feet while elegantly drawing your gun and firing....its simple, create distance, draw your weapon, stop the threat, it aint gotta be pretty and it aint dumb if it works.

  2. Good point, the action's demonstrated also only work against one attacker... If there were another one you would be on the ground.