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The Last Thing you See when Raiding Dave Canterbury's Camp

Dave shared this on his Facebook page along with a quick announcement:

Introducing the New Triple Threat Pathfinder Edition 12 GA Shotgun, being released soon for sale! Nation wide!

Some of you may remember the Chiappa Triple Threat that made it's debut at the SHOT show earlier this year. While fun/different, the $1200-ish street price make it pretty much a non-starter.

Looks like Dave & the Pathfinder School are getting their own version...maybe they'll bring the price down to 'common man' levels. 


  1. Yeah a $400 novelty might get some lets. Think if I'm going for a camp shotgun it'll be a pump. Love the whole minimalist old school Dave Canterbury thing but the 870 is hell for stout and a lot more practical for 2 legged game.

  2. Too damn heavy I'm guessing. I gave up on the Rossi Overland SxS 12 for this reason, too much steel to carry over hill and dale. I'll take that 870 over it for sure.

    Good luck to Canterbury, if it sells, it sells.

  3. You could have birdshot, buckshot and a slug all ready to go!

  4. I have not seen video footage of that thing in action, but I see in pictures it has a single trigger, which suggests it simply fires one barrel with each pull of the trigger, which means you can't select which barrel you are using and negates the utility of bird, buck, and slug in each barrel.

    My preferred woods shotgun is a H&R single shot in 20 ga. Not much kick, not much steel. Slim and easy to carry.

    The real utility for a 3 barreled shotgun, IMO, is in places that do not allow ownership of pump action shotguns. Otherwise, that gun is a novelty, and a darn cool one at that! If I had the cash, I'd own one.

    I"m betting the real market is HD in Australia and some European countries. Maybe some South American ones too.


    1. Yep - only a single trigger.

      Dave C would also appreciate the ability to use caliber conversions and load it up muzzle loader style. He comments about the time to follow up shot vs a pump, too. Has some merit for hunting and clearing a porch off.

      For $1200, gimme a nice semi 12 or a good pump and a zombie apocalypse worth of shells.

    2. Caliber conversions and black powder shot-shells have some merit with that system. I had not thought of those. I expect one would have better results with brass shells loaded with black powder, but I have not done the research and don't actually know on that point. Just a suspicion.

      I'm sure follow-up time is good vs. a pump for the first 3 shots. The unloaded weight is 8 pounds, according to Chiappa. Which is .75 pounds more than the Mossberg 590A1, unloaded. The Triple Threat probably handles recoil a little better.

      8 lbs is not impossible to carry around on foot if you have to. But for $1200, I'll take an AK, spare parts and accessories, a tactical class, and a healthy supply of ammo.