> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Max Velocity's Patriot Dawn free this weekend!



Max Velocity's Patriot Dawn free this weekend!

Get it here on Amazon - free today and tomorrow. Doesn't get any cheaper than free.

I haven't read it yet, hoping to have time over the holidays to sit down and read it - I've heard really good things. Max is a career military dude and well regarded for his training in small-unit guerrilla tactics and light infantry ops. I have at least two books ahead of it in line, though. And, of course, before you remind me, I gotta finish my own book for self-publishing.

From the synopsis, looks like Max Velocity and I picked some similar enemies for our stories - like You Took Away Tomorrow, he's got Iranian terrorists and Chinese cyber-warfare. Not sure if the North Koreans and/or AQ make a guest appearance. There's only so many plausible international threats to go around these days :).

Those Ruskies need to pick up the slack.