> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Max Velocity's Patriot Dawn free this weekend!



Max Velocity's Patriot Dawn free this weekend!

Get it here on Amazon - free today and tomorrow. Doesn't get any cheaper than free.

I haven't read it yet, hoping to have time over the holidays to sit down and read it - I've heard really good things. Max is a career military dude and well regarded for his training in small-unit guerrilla tactics and light infantry ops. I have at least two books ahead of it in line, though. And, of course, before you remind me, I gotta finish my own book for self-publishing.

From the synopsis, looks like Max Velocity and I picked some similar enemies for our stories - like You Took Away Tomorrow, he's got Iranian terrorists and Chinese cyber-warfare. Not sure if the North Koreans and/or AQ make a guest appearance. There's only so many plausible international threats to go around these days :).

Those Ruskies need to pick up the slack.


  1. Thanks! Just picked it up and added it to my growing virtual pile of unread survival ebooks. Gotta get through Nesmuk's book and then maybe I'll get around through this one.

  2. I will pass on this one myself. I have read his website and he is just someone I have a difference of opinion with.

  3. Be glad it's free.

    Maybe or maybe not.


  4. Not a bad book. Kinda repetitive, like you didn't ready the previous chapter. Way to in depth about overall lay out of roads and structures in their missions, we are not I'm our living rooms with maps of the DC area and a sand table plotting out the area. Not a good way to get me involved, just makes me want to skip ahead to the action. But it is a good read for the price