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Black Friday Deals - 2013 Edition

Usually, I scour the interwebs and post up a bunch of deals for Black Friday. This year, it looks like Soldier Systems has done some of the hard work for me, with a list of deals from tactical websites.

Here's the linky: http://soldiersystems.net/tactical-black-friday-2014/

Of note, Grey Ghost Gear is having a 35% off sale - site wide - through tomorrow. Their stuff is already very affordable...35% off is a killer deal. If you're looking for a pack or nylon gear, check 'em out.

LA Police Gear is having a pre-Black Friday sale with 11% off. Last year, they had some killer countdown deals that I'm still kicking myself for not jumping all over.

Palmetto State Armory is having some "Pre-Black Friday" sales and will certainly have some good deals on BF itself. They've currently got a couple nice AR uppers for $400, BCG and free float rails included...hard to beat that kind of price.

Dave Canterbury's Pathfinder School Store is offering free shipping when you spend over $75. Through Cyber Monday.

Tactical Tailor just announced they are running an awesome 30% off through 12/6. They've also recently added Pencott Badlands and Greenzone to their lineup, if you're interested in getting in on some of that goodness.

I'll update as I see stuff come through, and feel free to point out deals as you see 'em.


  1. Dicks has a Field and Stream 24 gun safe for $399. http://tslrf.blogspot.com/2013/11/black-friday-deals-part-1-gun-safe-deal.html

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