> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Magpul (finally) releases Mossberg Stock, Forend



Magpul (finally) releases Mossberg Stock, Forend

Pre-order on Brownells.

While I'm content with Project 590A1's current stock, I'm curious about the Magpul offering. Might pick one up for review if there's interest.

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  1. I love the ergonomics of the magpul stock. They look so weird but handle great. Would buy one except my shotgun has a perfectly serviceable buttstock now and I fall into the fairly average guy range where the standard stock fits fine so justifying the expense of a new one, even a nice one, is a hard sell. It's good that they finally made a Mossy one though. For what I'd think is a simple change they can at times take awhile to put out new similar products. Then again their stuff actually works from the initial conception so there could be something to this plan.