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Box Full o' Go Food

Look what the brown truck dropped off today...a fresh batch of some of the best bets for on-the-move, shelf-stable foods from Emergency Essentials. MRE Peanut Butters, MRE Tortillas, MRE Cheese w/ Jalapeno...tasty enough, ready to eat out of the package and loaded with well over 100 calories/ounce. These will be going into kits immediately, replacing some older stuff that needs to be rotated out.

And a can of Red Feather butter 'cuz I'm curious.


  1. awesome and thanks for the post on this. i've checked the website and i'm now loading my cart up with some of these goodies.

  2. If you are interested, I've been reviewing MREs for a while.


    Keep Right On prepping - K

  3. red feather, yum! its harder than you're used to, but tasty. let it warm up a bit after you take it out of the frig. makes the best grilled cheese in history. i keep at least 20 cans on the shelf. the bega cheese ain't bad either. the bega at ee has larger cans. while it lasts a while unrefrigerated after opening, i like the smaller cans from campingsurvival.com, handy for the pack too.

  4. I keep three Datrex 3600's in the fridge as my "oh s**t" bug-out calories. Not the greatest nutrition profile obviously, but they'll be my I-have-to-keep-moving energy supply.

    1. The Datrex bars aren't too bad if you got something else you can alternate them with. I understand that in a complete long-term survival scenario you may only have those to eat, but if you can at the very least grab some last minute food out of your kitchen cabinets before bugging out, it could make a big difference.

      A jar of PB, a few cans of tuna, some instant oatmeal, ramen noodles...all of that stuff could be taken in a gym bag and dropped later on if you had to. It would make the first few days of bugging out a little bit less difficult if you weren't already prepped well enough. I know I will be doing this regardless of what preps I already have in my BOB. A pack of instant oatmeal (150 cals), 2 scoops of PB (200 cals), a can of tuna (250 cals), and a pack of ramen noodles (400 cals)...plus one third of a Datrex bar (1200 cals) would give you about 2200 calores for a day. Not a great calorie to ounce ratio, but better than nothing.

    2. Your calorie to ounces would be good if you dropped the can o' tuna. Instant oatmeal, PB, ramen don't weigh much.

      And Datrex are the best of the lifeboat-type rations. I ate a 5-year old one and survived :)

    3. try the millineum bars from ee. 400 cals each, packed with protein, missing in some lifeboat rats, and very tasty.